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  1. haha i didnt even realise. maybe i subconciously copied yours?
  2. uhh if you were really serious about on a friday you would've posted this thread ON A FRIDAY
  3. i want another thom yorke solo album pls
  4. cant tell if you're low level trolling or full retard conspiracy theorising
  5. Most of what you're saying comes from assumptions you've made. Good use of the word 'cravenly' tho, very emotive
  6. cant see if anyone posted this cos this thread blew up but: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jan/10/radiohead-rebut-lana-del-rey-get-free-plagiarism-lawsuit-claims radiohead claim they havent filed any lawsuits against lana del rey and that she made up her claim of demanding 100% royalties
  7. Thats actually the best pro-israel concert argument ive heard
  8. whoa, was 2009 the last time they played in south america!?
  9. p sure they heard you https://pitchfork.com/news/radiohead-announce-2018-tour/
  10. best to worst house of cards weird fishes jigsaw all i need 15 step reckoner nude bodysnatchers videotape faust arp
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