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  1. I'm still kinda exhausted from those 5 albums they released in 2017, haven't listened to fishies properly yet. Great band, saw them play their biggest solo gig (at the time anyway) in london and they were insane
  2. cowards, be proud of your incredibly cringey younger selves
  3. Wild Dogg


    so, you guys are trash at this huh
  4. whomst among us is not a fan of boxed sets?
  5. i think im addicted to brick house by the commodores
  6. Wild Dogg


    thats the saddest reminder of mt dying
  7. idles - joy as an act of resistance new album from a punk/post-punk kinda band idles, its great! visceral, great lyrics (kinda mark e smith-esque?)
  8. listened this morning, whoa its fucking great!
  9. cool sig. im currently playing ff8 for the first time in at least 12 years, just started the 4th disc. is it the best game of all time? yes probably
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