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    United Kingdom
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    Listening to music, reading, hanging out with my cats :3, making cookies + cupcakes, writing (have a blog, i write in my diary, sometimes dabble in writing fan fiction), reading fan fiction (i ship snarry!)
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    No favourites, but if i had to say, Karma Police + How To Disappear Completely
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    i love each album individually but I'll say, 1. Kid A 2.OK Computer
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    Placebo, Bright Eyes, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Nirvana, David Bowie, Evanescence, Raphaële Lannadère, Thom Yorke's solo work, Regina Spektor.
  1. I have the same problem as well It's sort of embarrasing. At least twice a week I go onto DAS and check to see if there has been any updates, and that almost always leads to searching for news about the band to see if any new songs have been released or if they've finally decided to come to a venue near me to play I do have an obsession with Thom... (Is it weird to have two posters of Thom in your room, along with two other RH posters?) I need to post pictures of them sometime, they look awesome IMO lol. Everyone has obsessions It's normal! Then again, I'm a teenager so most of us get overly obsessed with something. Radiohead makes moments in my life perfect, when I was riding Rita : Queen Of Speed at Alton Towers I kept 'Lucky' in my mind, I listen to RH when walking into school ('The National Anthem') or before an exam ('Optimistic'). I sometimes set my alarm to different RH songs and figure out which is the best to wake up to (Don't try 'Sail To The Moon', it feels good but you end up comatose). 'Nude' has well, unhum *cough*, well you know ... Those are just a few examples! When it comes to music it's like love, you will go through lots of bands; with some end up wondering why you loved them in the first place, having them as your dirty little secret, or still holding some fondness for them even though they aren't your favourite. You mistake many for true love, but when you do find the one you're besotted. It's like you found the piece of the puzzle you connect to. It's honestly an amazing feeling.
  2. 1. Fog 2. Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was 3. Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) 4. Bangers + Mash 5. Idioteque 6. Morning Mr Magpie 7. Exit Music (For A Film) 8. Thinking About You 9. Phillipa Chicken 10. True Love Waits No special order
  3. I can remember a few RH songs which brought me to tears at the sheer beauty of the song itself, but Karma Police really affected me for some reason (I'm still not sure why). I had listened to it the first time that week, and had been listening to it all the time. Nothing bad had happened that day, it was a normal Saturday, i had been listening to Karma Police on repeat and then i stopped what i was doing and just listened, and then i started crying uncontrollably. I went through to the living room, i was asked what was wrong and i couldn't answer. I honestly didn't know why, but i know that it was something to do with the song. This has never happened with any other song so it was weird for me, but it sort of brought me closer to Radiohead's music. Anyway, anything like this ever happen with you?.
  4. Hello! I'm from the UK, got into Radiohead years ago but never really looked into most of their music until about a year ago. I thought I'd join to chat to others about my obsession Hey! these emoticons are cool!
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