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  1. Bloom - At first I thought it was a pretty repetitive track but now I can appreciate the sampled beats and ambient vocals. 6.5/10 Morning Mr Magpie - The beats and guitars in this track are very infectious. 8/10 Little By Little - I also love the beats and guitars in this song. The subtle sounds in the background really give this song the beauty and atmosphere. 8/10 Feral - I prefer the live version. 5/10 Lotus Flower - The vocal melody is simply superb, however it's not a very dynamical song. 7/10 Codex - Dull and boring. 4/10 Give Up The Ghost - This one grew on me. I particularly enjo
  2. Well, obviously each member will be the best at their respective instrument but if you're talking about the best overall musician and songwriter, that's a different story. Obviously, Jonny is the best musician as he can compose orchestras and play multiple instruments but Thom is a better songwriter.
  3. 1. Pearly 2. There There 3. Fake Plastic Trees 4. Big Boots 5. Bodysnatchers 6. Creep 7. Optimistic 8. Little By Little 9. Let Down 10. Pyramid Song
  4. But isn't that just for the live version and not the studio verison?
  5. I thought he said that in regard to in rainbows? do you have a link of that interview?
  6. 2+2=5 - 9 Sit Down. Stand Up - 7 Sail To The Moon - 8 Backdrifts - 6 Go To Sleep - 10 Where I End And You Begin - 10 We Suck Young Blood - 7 The Gloaming - 7 There There - 10 I Will - 6 A Punch Up At A Wedding - 9 Myxamatosis - 7 Scatterbrain - 8 A Wolf At The Door - 9 Probs a 7 or 8 overall.
  7. Rock song - Just Acoustic song- Karma Police Electronic song- Idioteque Emotional song- Fake Plastic Trees Expiremental song- Everything In Its Right Place Chill song- The Tourist Depressing song- How To Disappear Uplifting song- Let Down WTF song- Treefingers Overrated song- Creep Underrated song- Subterranean Homesick Alien Worst song- Treefingers Most average song- Like Spinning Plates Best b-side: Talk Show Host Best song - um, probs fake plastic trees
  8. 1. Creep 2. Talk Show Host 3. Just 4. My Iron Lung 5. Fake Plastic Trees 6. Airbag 7. Paranoid Android 8. Karma Police 9. Everything in its right place 10. Idioteque 11. Pyramid Song 12. Motion Picture Soundtrack 13. Optimistic
  9. I agree. Even though their electronica stuff is brilliant, their guitar centered stuff is better. imo.
  10. If you had to combine "Amnesiac" and "Kid A" into one album of around 10-12 songs, which songs would u put on it? Here's my make believe Amnesiac/Kid A album: 1. Everything In Its Right Place 2. The National Anthem 3. I Might Be Wrong 4. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box 5. Knives Out 6. Pyramid Song 7. Idioteque 8. Optimistic 9. You and Whose Army 10. Motion Picture Soundtrack
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