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  1. Fellow Lozenge of Love fan here! It's a great song, it's a shame nobody mentions it very often,
  2. I've loved Desert Island Disk since Thom first played it in Paris. The lyrics are great. I love it when Thom gets all zen in this song, as well as Give up The Ghost and Separator.
  3. I agree one hundred percent with this. As Radiohead mature and do different things, so do you. Every album that has come out so far has been released in various different stages of my life, but they all felt relevant to me regardless of what age I was. Even with their recent increase in millennial fans, there really is no concurrent age group for their fanbase overall because of that aspect of their music.
  4. While I currently don't have the presence of mind to be able to write a coherent essay right now, I will say that I agree. TKOL is a criminally misunderstood record, one that I definitely think was ahead of its time. It wasn't until 2013 that the rest of indie music caught up. As much as I like that record though, I'm definitely ready for LP9. Five years is long enough to wait, and if the rumors are to be believed there won't be much waiting left to do.
  5. Well this is the same fanbase that encourages the "selwaying" meme, so yeah.
  6. Honestly, pitting any Radiohead album against another makes it incredibly hard to come to any conclusion. At least in my opinion.
  7. Strangely enough, throughout this past year I've found myself revisiting HTTT the most. Such a great album.
  8. Don't act like any of you wouldn't listen to a Pavement-inspired Radiohead album.
  9. Hail To The Thief is a pretty exceptional point in Radiohead's career actually. A lot of people see it as the band running on empty and throwing shit at the wall just to see what sticks, but I see it another way. It's the band at their most energetic and paranoid. The dark world flirted with from OK Computer to Amnesiac is now at the fore front in Hail To The Thief. A lot of that has to do with the Bush administration of course. But that results in something really feels immediate and urgent. In exploring this mood, I think Radiohead created something that is musically very moving. I also think that HTTT has some of Thom Yorke's best lyrics.
  10. Honestly, I think lyrics heighten the experience of a lot of Radiohead's music, not just OK Computer. A lot of the lyrics are obtuse and obfuscated to the point of being vague, but that's a lot of the fun in it. You're diving into Yorke's world and making whatever meaning of his expressions depending on how you feel in that moment.
  11. Phil has decided to take time to learn the art of Selwaying. Such an activity takes for more precedence over the next Radiohead album
  12. If they went all out with the silly names on LP9 that'd justify my purchase tenfold.
  13. No. Not really. There is almost no similarities aesthetically between TKOL and Kid A or Amnesiac. They're all albums that throw you for a loop and are hard to understand at first, but they are all very different records.
  14. Every single time I listen to the album I always have a new favorite track.
  15. Absolutely. It feels like Thom has really transcended from being an admirer of IDM to being a legitimate player in the genre with this album. He's really learned a lot over the years.
  16. Not necessarily, since it was hinted at during the AMOK tour that the band had loads of stuff from those initial sessions that wasn't used.
  17. That picture suggest that whatever material it is, its probably really close to being finished. Could be an EP or an album?
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