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  1. to be honest in rainbows is probably the most defining piece of media of my teenage years, which is saying something
  2. I remember mooks saying this about Kid A in 2007 it was the postmodern opinion of the time how far we've come
  3. stayed off school for in rainbows which just goes to show that they are, in fact, a kids band
  4. I just read an old thread in which you called A New World horrible and trash, I thought you loved that movie

  5. I just saw Men In Black as well. Dont hate me but I kinda enjoyed myself the whole time.

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      do you see when i comment here or do i comment your page ? ?

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  6. yeh its slow as fuck for me
  7. that is a good profile pic, i really like that album

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      i know rite, it's an amazing sleeve. the only madonna album i really love though

  8. i appreciate all the work jonathan has done but honestly i find this iteration quite clunky and bloated. there's a handful of step backs in terms of UI that i stumble on constantly. probably not enough to stop me posting but i can see myself drifting from the board in the future. the temp MT gave me a renewed interest in the place, this not so much. just not enough activity in my interests and i don't think for format is helping. obviously the last point isn't a criticism, just a realisation i'm having.
  9. this feels like the end of deus ex should we merge with the helios ai and gain complete control of digital information?!
  10. if you merge CG i have a feeling most those threads will get buried, but whatever. it's worth doing a test run as long as it can be changed back. i actually remember making a thread about this years ago but i was shat on for it
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