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  1. i really like your mix can you share the playlist?
  2. knowing someones name doesnt mean you're making out with that person, for example i always forget your mothers name
  3. Why was the keyboard part removed? This is great, for me is the best version
  4. Also when i got temporarily banned from here, i went there, and its a fun place a fun messy place.
  5. Yeah Hate me. But, can you tell me what the fuck was wrong with the 2001 live version of Packt Like Sardines? Why do they have to make this song sounds like TKOL ? I mean... I dont dislike the 2012 version of packt, but come on guys!!!!!!! COME ON........ I mean, WTF ?????' that song was not on TKOL why, why you had to make it sound like so ???????? please dont ever do that to I might be wrong. Also WTF is with not playing I might be wrong ?
  6. cut a whole chicken identimint Bacon Co Faust Lamb Cornflex I might be wok lo mein Flower pork is dead Noodle (big ideas)
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