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  1. That version of "You" is pretty raw and powerful. Great song, never really considered it great until now. All those songs you mentioned from Amnesiac are great. Life in a Glass House was always a favorite of mine. Like Spinning Plates is really powerful and captivating. You can feel it moving in the air, something grim and deathly. Hunting Bears is also a good track, it's like the treefingers of Amnesiac, both easily dismissed instrumentals. I listened to Hunting Bears once while going for a long walk in the woods and while crossing a railroad I saw a freshly decapitated deer carcass lying on the tracks. Those desolate guitar plucks suddenly had such raw emotion for me. At the moment though "In Limbo" is my favorite song. I like the way the opening riff gets washed back by the wave of sound, swimming against the flow, bouncing back and forth between the other guitars and percussion.
  2. I'm glad Thom has kept his family life out of the press but I'm curious to know what his wife looks like. I figure here is a place where people might have a pic of her they've found somewhere online.
  3. These 10 songs you pick should be the songs you think very highly of or love listening to, but generally won't find on anyone's top 10 for RH. Also, songs that you were just recently hit with, where you realized "Wait... this is fucking brilliant". Just pick 2 or 3 of those songs since there's another thread with that subject. Mine: 1. Scatterbrain 2. Kid A 3. The Tourist 4. Give Up The Ghost 5. Blow Out 6. Planet Telex 7. In Limbo 8. Treefingers 9. Bones 10. India Rubber Scatterbrain Hail To The Thief is the weirdest Radiohead album for me. Scatterbrain used to be my least favorite track on the album, I would always skip it. And now the only reason I ever go back to that album is so I can listen to Scatterbrain. That's all the proof of Radiohead's brilliance, initially I had no connection with the song at all, but now I think it might be the most emotional song the band has ever done. When I say emotional, I don't just mean sad or moving. It goes beyond that...it's a good feeling to know a song like that actually exists in the world. India Rubber This is a nice tune I discovered on youtube. My favorite early RH b-side. Planet Telex Surprisingly a very easily dismissed track from The Bends, but recently I've noticed many people considering it one of the best RH songs. And it is. Maybe next to Just, the best "pure rock" song on the album, and an innovative bridge-way leading into OK Computer. It's about things that are out of your control, and the closing line "Why can't you forget" sung by a plastered Thom Yorke, remains one of my favorite moments of RH's discography. Bones Always loved this song, a lot. Ever since I got into Radiohead. The "used to fly like peter pan" line is silly, but sung with such raw emotion that it doesn't even matter. After seeing live versions of this track, the deal was sealed. I have to say it's fucking transpiring. Probably the best RH track that's considered "subpar" on not on quality with the others. The sound of guitar in this song is an acquired taste that you need to warm up to. And put the bass on full-blast. Then you'll get this track. Treefingers Absolutely perfect track. Meditation, peace, and yet uncertainty. You need to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy this track, but once it clicks, it's a beautiful experience. In Limbo I think getting into "Little By Little" helped me appreciate the layers of this track more than I used to, but seriously. Just imagine yourself on a raft out in the middle of the ocean during a storm. That's what In Limbo feels like. Give Up The Ghost The repetition in this track bugs some people, but once you move past that, you'll realize it's one of RH's very best. Blow Out This is why you can't trust critics or even fans for that matter, because if you go by them, you'll ignore Pablo Honey. If you ignore Pablo Honey, you'll never get to hear this track. The Tourist Along with Scatterbrain this was the biggest "Holy shit this is good" surprise for me. It's a good counterpoint to Airbag. The Tourist has resolve though, it's not just about the dangers of getting inside your car. Airbag is brilliant, but overly dark for my tastes, despite that the guy in Airbag apparently survives the crash. C'mon, you listen to the opening chords of that song, you telling me someone survived that? Kid A There was a period of quite a few weeks that only ended just recently, where every morning I would have a cigarette by my window while listening to this song. Psychologically this song transfused with my addiction, so I can't listen to it for a while. And that makes me angry.
  4. Planet Telex Just Paranoid Android Let Down Karma Police Lucky The Tourist Kid A How To Disappear Completely Motion Picture Soundtrack Pyramid Song You And Whose Army? Life In A Glass House Sail To The Moon There There Scatterbrain Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi Reckoner Jigsaw Falling Into Place Bloom Feral Separator Staircase Identikit Cut A Hole
  5. I like Smear the most, to me that track holds up to Penderecki. But if I remember, Popcorn Superhet Receiver was an extremely long piece, while Smear was fairly short, so it's not fair to have it compete with the others.
  6. Go to 1:47: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPJ0Kw6Ct6s&feature=related Also:
  7. Cut A Slice Of Cake Skirting The Frosting I Might Be Fattening Fatter Happier How To Digest Food Completely Meat Spirit (Dine Out) 2+2=Pi My Iron Liver Back-Ribs (Dinner Is Over) Go To KFC (Black Man Being Fat) We Suck At Tipping (Because Your Time Is Up) Macaronimatosis Optibiscuit House of Waffles I Am A Wicked Steak Fake Plastic Collard-Greens Pulk/ Pull Revolving S'mores Confectioneering These are all gay, I know.
  8. I think it's fucking awesome they're going to somehow find a way to play it live. Should be interesting.
  9. Make him listen to Amnesiac, first of all. 2+2=5 There There 15 Step Bodysnatchers Nude Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi Reckoner Bloom Codex Give Up The Ghost Separator Staircase The Butcher The Daily Mail And hey! Maybe, just maybe-The Gloaming...
  10. My room-mates hear this on full blast and they think I'm going insane...fucking worth it!
  11. I think "Separator" is their absolute best. The rhythm, beat, melody, guitar-work, vocals, lyrics, optimism. Beautiful track.
  12. "Swimming upstream, before the heavens crack open"- Supercollider "All the children flew when I touched their hand"- Bones "When at last you give in"- Seperator "No longer empty and frantic"- Fitter Happier "Voodoo economics"- Electioneering "What seems impossible"- Give Up The Ghost "This place is on a mission"- Jigsaw Falling Into Place "With my x-ray eyes I strip you naked"- A Wolf At The Door "You ask me where the hell I'm going at 1,000 feet per second"- The Tourist "I slipped on a little white lie"- Kid A "Immerse your soul in love."- Street Spirit "And there are trapdoors that you can't come back from"- Pulk/ Pull Revolving Doors
  13. I like In Rainbows more, but OK Computer is a lot darker and longer, so it takes some warming up to if you want to listen to the album beginning to end. In Rainbows is more immediately satisfying and laid-back. Airbag explodes into your face with the opening chords, saying "Time for some reality, bitch" while 15 Step greets you warmly and says "Let's jam!" 1.) Airbag - 10/10 2.) Paranoid Android - 10/10 3.) Subterranean Homesick Alien - 8.5/10 4.) Exit Music (For A Film) - 9/10 5.) Let Down - 9.5/10 6.) Karma Police - 9.5/10 7.) Fitter Happier - 6.5/10 8.) Electioneering - 8/10 9.) Climbing Up The Walls - 8/10 10.) No Surprises - 8.5/10 11.) Lucky - 8/10 12.) The Tourist - 9.5/10 1.) 15 Step - 9/10 2.) Bodysnatchers - 9/10 3.) Nude - 9.5/10 4.) Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi - 10/10 5.) All I Need - 9.5/10 6.) Faust Arp - 8/10 7.) Reckoner - 10/10 8.) House of Cards - 9/10 9.) Jigsaw Falling Into Place - 10/10 10.) Videotape - 8.5/10
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