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  1. no living soul can detour mankind's inevitable demise.
  2. album songs LPS or LPS (live)?
  3. yup. it was tough since i love the tourist and it's from my all time favorite album. always felt it's ironic how OkC ends with the tourist's "hey man slow down. idiot slow down" lines and starts off with a song called airbag. wolf at the door leaves me feeling "out of breath" every time i hear it and i'm not even the one singing. a great closer for a great album. wow. street spirit is also incredible for a closer. a depressing and beautiful closer. kinda out of topic... but exit music was the closer (for a film). the movie as most of you know was romeo and juliet.
  4. definitely paranoid android, but my second choice would prob be the tourist. nice to know there are people who appreciate it. a highly underrated song.
  5. we all had those "moments" with radiohead. well at least i did... still do.
  6. damn. bza is a complete fool, but i gotta give him credit... he's (she?) actually getting all of you worked up. in other words, he won because he accomplished his goal. lol... he's cracking up everytime he sees an angry/frustrated reply from one of us. stop posting them. they're futile. this kid's hopeless.
  7. the sad thing is that this kid's got good taste in music, but ruins his rep by starting shit and acting like he's better then everyone. ...but i guess i'm not surprised. people love putting on a front on these forums cause it's so easy to do on the net. he's probably some lonely soul (which might explain why he even listens to radiohead at all) who desperately needs attention (which might explain why he's attacking them with "better" bands and not realizing how objective that really is)... but i guess there's still a chance (slim to none) he may be a chill kid who got a little bored
  8. ha. i'm an electrical engineering. we probably take similar classes. hard shit.
  9. they are that good. and there are lots and lots of other great bands out there for sure, but the reason i come to this forum is because radiohead is my personal favorite. if i considered them to be "not that good" like you i wouldn't be here. if you feel sorry for radiohead because of some it's fanbase recently here in mortigi tempo then i'm with you 100%, but if you're talking about us in general then you're an imbecile. no offense. the reason this forum is kinda sucking right now is because there are too many "kids" here who are attention hogs and will do anything to ge
  10. i love em equally and have never regarded OkC as two halves, but i guess fitter happier does make a neat "interlude".
  11. frank sinatra, roy orbison, the pixies, pink floyd, the rolling stones, ella fitzgerald, the doors, nirvana, the smashing pumpkins, tool, system of a down, bush, rage against the machine, garbage, the smiths, godspeed you black emperor, sigur ros, mogwai, the knack, franz ferdinand, coldplay, clinic, aphex twin, the 5 6 7 8s, ghetto boys, pearl jam, dj shadow, norah jones, sade, REM, talking heads, the beta band, the beatles, the yeah yeah yeahs, a perfect circle, tool, collective soul, blur, joy division, elton john, billie joel, david gray, deftones, elliott smith, jimi hendrix, green day, f
  12. never ever. it's quite possibly the best song i've heard on the radio.
  13. that's the option i was looking for. but nonetheless i still love their early stuff. just feel their OkC and later stuff has me more in awe.
  14. LoL what freaks me out about LPS is picturing thom sing the song with his eyes wide open lost in some trance. the song transports me to this weird trippy state where i feel like i'm exiting my world and entering some absurd dimension where everything is backwards and surreal and everyone has gone completely insane. then i snap back into my reality... and realize it's not so drastically different. ps: closing your eyes while listeing to LPS helps.
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