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  1. k found the ones i gave babydoc nimes night 1 prt 1 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?k69yc5wbabyr72y nimes night 1 prt 2 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?6b4mtm7h54fxe6n taipei prt 1 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?4cn0e3bnvfs3yxa taipei prt 2 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?c245rfid0ibio5d
  2. ya nows not the time for a diatribe against religion save that for mt mondays
  3. god listenn to myself thats what mbs are for nick counterproductivity
  4. just sayin sht like this is so counteerproductive
  5. 40% of guns sold in this country ddnt require background checks cause sold at gun shows and online u could start there, guns here are far too easy to get but really whats to stop someone from harming other people, u could kill alot of schoolkids with a sword or knife 18 is possible, happens in china all the time for some reason, jus happened today actually world is fucked, stay home
  6. ok done i think what weve been getting from burial the last year(aside from loner) are the raw tapes he makes for kode9 to sample and nit and pick, spiced up alittle with vinyl crackles and burials magic whereas he used to take kode9 selections and stretch them out into 4-6 min pieces(as on albums and one offs and everything he did pretty much before the massive attack release) thats why were getting so many releases lately and i say keep them coming even at the risk of a solid jam being neglected and only run one to two or three minutes
  7. gunman killed a family member(probably father) at home before driving to the school where the mother worked kinda makes me feel better that this wasnt random what doesnt make me feel good is that while he was killing his parents he thought hed might as well murder innocent children while hes at it
  8. gettin ready to put on the hphones think i should eat first though no burial on an empty stomach
  9. tht lady should b fired for bad interviewing its like if my mom was drunk and interviewed quentin tarantino
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