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  1. k found the ones i gave babydoc nimes night 1 prt 1 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?k69yc5wbabyr72y nimes night 1 prt 2 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?6b4mtm7h54fxe6n taipei prt 1 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?4cn0e3bnvfs3yxa taipei prt 2 hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?c245rfid0ibio5d
  2. amok loop certainly wasnt what i was expecting especially cause it wasnt really much of a loop
  3. hey luke why didnt u celebrate some of ur bday smokin weed in colorado! hope u dont get sad on birthdays like most people i know

    1. gentil géant

      gentil géant

      no dnt have any drugdealers funding my trips to colorado anymore, any trip would be on my own dime which i dnt have, one of these days though, i promise

    2. gentil géant

      gentil géant

      no once u get old a birthday is jus a day

  4. haha its a wig sorry. i might cut my hair like that tho, i was too embarrassed to bump thread saying its a wig cus it feels strangely vain bumpin when the last pic posted was your own

  5. fitter is the concept of an album carved out into flesh i hate that people hold it up as a song cause their not even really giving it a chance cause its not a song, its almost like an advertisement
  6. stuff happens uplifting synth at the end and a bass line all throughout yeah theres not a whole lot to the guitar line but that never stopped me from liking it for what it is which is a decent song
  7. everything i play for my uncle he refers to as furniture music if boring is all you have than thats a weak case things i like about separator- 1-the music is beautiful 2-the lyrical melody is beautiful 3-the lyrics are beautiful
  8. whats with all the separator hate there is nothing wrong with separator its kind of gotta la vibe to it cant wait to pound it while doing a driveby in a lowrider on ocean drive when gta v comes out
  9. these are my twisted words bloom morning mr magpie little by little feral lotus flower codex give up the ghost separator supercollider the butcher staircase the daily mail on my disc i burned for me and friends
  10. i didnt have enough money for ur smokes so i spent it all on pepperoni insted

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