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  1. I saw them at Nos Alive and really hated the set. The thing ist that I always loved the fact that they play unusual sets with b-sides and stuff. But this time it was like they said, hey lets play every shitty song these folks out there want. I mean they played Creep, Karma Police, Street Spirit, Exit Music, My Iron Lung, Talk Show Host (which was a nice surprise actually) and apart from that their usual stuff. It was all just a big fucking 90s flashback... They didn't even play a single song from amnesiac. FUCK!
  2. I don't believe that something will happen today. You don't disappear to come back the next day. I can imagine that they'll at least stay off for some days or maybe weeks...please don't let it be more than a week.
  3. Maybe Thom is in Room and can't get out. That's why the album isn't out by now.
  4. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-727542934/d3c4d3nc30fd4wn Radiohead Album teaser. It will be called Decadence of Dawn. Or is it all just an April fools joke? Decide for yourself. Seriously though, I don't think it's legit.
  5. We're all buying. We'd buy every shit they take.
  6. So this is the weekend, right? If there is no word on lp9 until Tuesday, I'll stop hoping for a release in the near future.
  7. Do you think they'll have a new light show at their festival gigs? I mean a complete new set of awesome lights and screens and stuff
  8. Last night was the first time I ever dreamt about Radiohead. I dreamt that the album dropped suddenly. The cd came in a cardboard box that looked like a special edition dvd. Also the cover looked like a 90s action movie poster with the faces of the band members in the center looking cool as hell. Thom had his HTTT haircut and sunglasses on. Nevertheless, I thought the artwork was quite ugly and stupid. An action movie parody.... there was a code inside the box with which you could win tickets for a concert two days later. I don't know how many songs there were on the album or what it was called. But I heard some tracks of it. The Present Tense was on it, as well as Spectre and an alternate version of Before Your Very Eyes. All songs were pretty orchestral but they also contained a lot of electronic elements. It was that combination of old and new but not in a good way. The electronics sounded completely terrible and the rhythms were bad. I had the feeling that they desperately tried to sound modern. Then I woke up. What a nightmare!
  9. I bet the band wasn't satisfied with their material and threw everything overboard. They also fired Nigel as producer. On Feb 14th they'll announce that lp9 will be produced by Danger Mouse.
  10. Oh yeah, i forgot about that. So the new artwork doesn't necessarily mean that we can expect lp9 to drop in the next two months. Nevertheless, I believe it will.
  11. Does anyone know how long before TKOL's release they changed the layout on DAS? I remember when they put tree artwork there and changed the logo to what later became the logo of TKOL. If I remember correctly ist was several months before the actual release. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean the final layout that was on DAS when TKOL came out, but the first time they put tree artwork on there.
  12. Nah, the album is ready. It's just a matter of days now
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