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  1. I like it And i dont think its a hint or something... (how can you save the images you took? :$ )
  2. Weird Fishes...this track always makes me feel heaven in my ears!
  3. Nude, of course Reckoner Exit music How to dissapear completely
  4. i would like to hear an extraextended version of Hearing damage made by radiohead... that would be cool although, Hearing Damage, for me is perfect like it is, the best TY song until now... but it would be interesting to hear that ;D
  5. with the Nicolas Jaar mix we could download it, anyone knows a link to download this mix?
  6. kinda nice video, but yeah, its a mess having the girl and thom dancing together...its a BIG difference betweenboth im liking more the album as a whole
  7. the deluxe LP is out of stock on both pages the deluxe cd is in both and i really wanted the LP
  8. hi sorry for the question but there were a deluxe vinyl edition right? what i will miss if i just buy the limited edition cd and the double LP? i really wanted the LP but not the regular one... fucking internet buying methods
  9. can u do the same for me man? I really would appreciate it Thanks !
  10. yeah, i like the combination of the acoustic and the electronic instruments at the end
  11. yeah and i dont really understand ANYTHING of it but dont sounds familiar with the mellody of the original track
  12. after 1000 posts u can change it... well, is that or a big coincidence im still not sure if i keep this i just put
  13. what a stupid question!!! why nobody noted it hahahaha... well.. im starting to save some money
  14. with how much time do i have to prepper to buy this 12''? I'd like to have this as my first vinyl or anything related to Radiohead, but this this seems the perfect ocassion XD
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