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  1. I was at that gig, middle night of three in punchestown a few days after kid a was released. What a night. Kildare not Dublin though, Radiohead need to be more accurate with their archiving.
  2. For me it has slotted in behind In Rainbows, Kid A, and OKC in how much I listen. The mood is very specific alright, and isn’t good if you’re already feeling kind of untethered or maudlin.
  3. I made an album, if anyone is interested they can listen https://chainstore.bandcamp.com/releases
  4. the moisture from that table top is drip, drip, dripping on the floor the static from the radio is just hissing through my teeth the empty bottle holds sun light in its belly yarns have been spun like spider webs of depict for too long two men in the corner by the television look intently eye to eye I simply watch them passing time until a churlish young thing steps to me she’s unintentionally pretty but flawed beyond repair her eyes are curtains with starlight slits and her mouth is thin air she’s reproachful as she broaches the subject nearest to her mind ‘hey dog why are you barking’ barking! baby this is how I sing
  5. This is just the sort of shit that makes people vote for you
  6. Happy Philistine


    Head noddingly good, I approve
  7. Let’s get the situation clear; When put in perspective, there was never any real animosity when Josh created the original thread. The main elements of Holle’s argument claimed that contests such as these were immature, divisive and were primarily wrought to satisfy certain poster’s need for attention. Holle’s reaction to all of this was immature, it divided people and generated mass attention for herself. If she had merely wanted to voice her opinion she could have done so in the poster of the year thread and withdrew from that competition by way of protest. She did not do this because this was never just about voicing her opinion. have her feelings been hurt? Probably but I think there’s a huge impetus on cause and effect in that regard. Holle you can be one of the nicest people on this board when you’re not trying so hard to be liked but seriously you need to do some major growing up because incidents like last night ruin the board’s purpose for those of us who just want some solid conversation.
  8. Oh my, the Cindpire Strikes Back
  9. I've been working the night it's on for the last few weeks but I don't know if I'd have the balls to do it if I was off
  10. Happy Philistine, multi-instrumentalist, ghost writer, sky scraping rapper, beet poet, one chapter novelist, yesterdays hero, circus novelty act, sexual deviant, eloquent conversationalist, contortionist, extortionist, ninth trimester abortionist, trapeze artist, societal critique, champion of hide and go mother fucking seek your inner self in the back of the shopping aisle near the top shelf, self branded, niche marketed orientated, quiet observer, analytical journalist, sit down comedian, mime
  11. if you have a baby you should probably smother it don't rely on someone else to murder that shit or it will suck the teeths dry of those motherly tits that are sagging like baggy trousered misfits solo albums are the loneliest form of debased masterbation
  12. I won't deny it, I'd vote for you
  13. kemping has always been a banable offense, no? mmmmmm bananable
  14. Hey cindy how about instead of new mods we elect three rockers who have the power to break rules like posting graphic nudity, flaming, personal insults, kemp, spamming etc without the threat of being banned. The mods could still delete these posts and threads but it would stir up some nice tension on the board
  15. this is a song called maskulinity and it’s about how men hide their feelings out of the belief that to reveal them makes them weak then they tell the world in the words of a song they need to write because they can’t sleep she finished the text with no hard feelings, I text back that I agree brave face paint on this don juan as if feelings ever come easy for me I play through the pain, never show the distress stress lines on my face should be making you guess don’t you see, could you conceive that my mind has been left in a mess forget it I’m moving away from the dark thoughts that plague my life I’m strong, you’re wrong I’ll work it off until I get the direction right this is my love poem (really gnome) but filled with hate and tension the words dangle from a rope of dope can’t you feel all the suspension I like to mention the past in private but can’t face it at all in public see the failed relationships I keep in my head that I’m always juggling I’m struggling to keep it up, trying hard not to miss the beat and there he is my ex-best friend in front of me down on the street we can’t meet and he knows this so he discreetly quickens his step he’s just like me, he hides it well, he’s probably more adept but I’m one of the few or maybe two people who know exactly why he wept and that’s part of the reason we parted ways and swept it under the rug and if any of this shit raises its head we’ll blame it all on the drugs or the mugs of coffee jugs we shared, when we looked into space and just stared and when people ask what happened to us we simply state we don’t care this is a fatal flaw in the make up that real men never need to apply cause we're pretty enough rugged and rough, just never ask us to cry this is a song called maskulinity it’s about how men like to grunt when they’re on the hunt for fresh meat, it’s also about life, love, lies, lust, hate, rage, regret and depict
  16. It’s like finite they way I demolish the past, always leaving first so I won’t be left as last, remember me sometimes and how I made you laugh and if you need to find me you can follow the tracks That I left in the sand as I walked zigzags watching my step so I don’t fall through the cracks in my own sanity, just hold the humanity is it the world getting me down or is it just gravity? Yeah I thought I could leave it behind, be just fine forget about the trouble think about the good times and smile but to much has been left unsaid and we said a lot about both life, death beauty and truth, and how to make amends never truthful to each other so we just pretend that everything was ok and I wasn’t falling at your feet that you didn’t read the signs, that you didn’t hear the beat as we walked side by side propping each other up alone in a strange place finding someone you could really trust as I thrust myself into a pit of fantasy one that I’ve only now start climbing from gradually I held you in the highest echelon of regard my confidant, doubling as the girl I want to hold in my arms your charm was your absolute sincerity in every way you could be even admitting your jealousy but I still believe we held the truth when it came to the some stuff and I still believe I saved your relationship now tell me that isn’t fucked up all the time realising I was at best a languishing second place even more pathetic being perfectly happy occupying that space factually I respected him to much to betray the vows we had made that I hold to this day its been a long road with bright lights that keep blinking and obstacles and mine fields to keep you from thinking and sinking into mind fields that dwell on the past even when time holds its breath it can never last yes these visions are peaceful when I recant your name, no matter what you could do I’d never hold you to blame, mona lisa does smile but with cracks on her face, I’ve seen a lot of women that could never take your place
  17. (She was younger than me which was strange because it’s always kinda been the opposite way for me like conversing comes easier with age and wisdom rather than pretty faces, dainty laces and naive innocence but the attraction was there so I was like sure lets tango a little while I let her little feet make all the moves my mind zoomed around the room thinking maybe I shouldn’t end this too soon investing my time in the dance and starting to unwind in her presence never thinking she might be the one to end it it being her who made all the right moves in the first place but shit you ain’t blind sided if you see it coming no) last time we talked she was all like flirtatious and feminine like she’s testing the waters seeing if i’d still fall for her wiles and she says ‘man you can’t flirt for shit’ and i’m looking dumb and saying nothing when I should have been like fuck you, you don’t have a clue where my head has at banged up side down once or twice to hell and back resting on the airs of my principality juggling balls of the coil of my own mortality reaching the midpoint of a certain type of age licking my finger but not turing the page looking for love but conversing in hate patching the cracks but never replacing the gage unafraid to be myself in the knowledge of who I am repeating over and over I don’t give a god damn moments thought to what the sheep bleat when they cross path with my boot straps on this here street wearing a smile on my face for those who deserve it coming to the point where I should know who is worth it avoiding all contact with those who are worthless making tracks in the sand to serve my sole purpose indeed you could point to my slight imperfections and point with a stick at the novel directions I should take fore I break with the common conception that the womanly form uses sex as a weapon And I should have know when she rated Baez over Dylan that this type of girl was a real super villain seeing male, female conversation as a prelude to sex or foreplay to something that wont happen next like shit was something meant to happen there was that the come on line or an icy stare type of girl who says I can’t in lue of I don’t want to keep the game alive on the point of principality too and I’m sitting there like a fallible fool and she's off doing the same shit to somebody new like a new piece of the puzzle just fits into place new questions to ask a new face to replace, I’m bottoming out on the same old anxiety and talking shit again in the absence of sobriety politicking with my spirit I begin to unravel my mind is a sieve and my voice like gravel coughing up insides left behind the sandstorm chalking up life to a portion of man salts the vacuum between us is growing steady the voice in my head dissipates to my belly I hear the crackle and pop of the static on telly the man in my chest yells are you fucking ready and I am I stand up born again out of shame more to the point holding myself to blame falling for the same old tricks of trade partially one last time then next time he is free of the visions he creates when he places her on slates and he lifts her to the level of one of the greats fully aware of the flaws she posses fully aware of the the way she distresses the very fabric of a soul he left long ago for dead in the wake of the storm you can reattach your head and give up the poison of facetious led keep your eyes on the prize and the road ahead it’s not a long way
  18. After a few weeks of down time things have been decided and recording will recommence tommorrow but at a fairly slow pace. I'm going to start to do some open mic nights in the next few months to see which material is working and which is not. A more accoustic feeling album is the current direction of thought although saying that I'm a sucker for adding instruments so who knows. Things are starting to take shape in a me sort of way Hip hop will be excluded from the album as any such tracks would just seem like a novelty or gimmick, but the idea for an ep after I finish this has been floating around my head for the last week This is the last track I will write for this album (although I have a lot to write about at the moment) and will ironically be the first track. This is only a very rough demo of half the track as it's too late to do it all properly tonight http://www.sendspace.com/file/yg2yfh
  19. sun, moon all comes too soon the two for which I swooned together but apart in one room measured deference in time, space, place, beauty and grace one for which I whined, pined, dinned and inadvertently left to waste the other which I held my words, breath and ultimate regret to late and yet I still cannot look Johanna in the face
  20. Not for a while, I've started recording but haven't been able to make much progress the last few weeks. I
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