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  2. I saw them play live for the first time in Punchestown right after they released Kid A. I listened to the album the day before and didn’t really get it. It was too different from what 17 y/o me was listening to. Then I saw them play it live and it clicked, opened up so much music for me. Definitely my favourite era of the band.
  3. I don’t think it’s a case of them splitting up, or making a final decision about recording together again. If at some stage in the future they all feel like making another album together, they will. If they don’t they won’t.
  4. Who cares about the extra tracks. Did you know that Thom Yorke says comments to cats designed to undermine their confidence? Lana Del Rey would never purposely undermine a cat’s confidence.
  5. Radiohead - *exist* Nowhere - Look at Radiohead existing, but nobody talks about how the breath coming from Thom Yorke’s mouth illegally samples the breathing techniques of Eastern yogis.
  6. Radiohead > Penny > Israel > turning off downvotes
  7. Kid A is a way more cohesive album, everything flows perfectly. Amnesiac has some beautiful songs and Pyramid Song is possibly the best stand alone track on either album, but as an album it can sound a bit cobbled together. I think it’s really difficult to put on Kid A and not want to listen to the entire thing, there’s some gestalt psychology going on where I feel wrong if I don’t.
  8. I was at that gig, middle night of three in punchestown a few days after kid a was released. What a night. Kildare not Dublin though, Radiohead need to be more accurate with their archiving.
  9. For me it has slotted in behind In Rainbows, Kid A, and OKC in how much I listen. The mood is very specific alright, and isn’t good if you’re already feeling kind of untethered or maudlin.
  10. hey thi sis arrestthisgirl where did this lad go

  11. This is just the sort of shit that makes people vote for you
  12. kemping has always been a banable offense, no? mmmmmm bananable
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