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  1. Old man take a look at my life, I’m a grumpy coot, I left my wife for a mermaid, Yeah I’m cool.
  2. For me it has slotted in behind In Rainbows, Kid A, and OKC in how much I listen. The mood is very specific alright, and isn’t good if you’re already feeling kind of untethered or maudlin.
  3. The film’s premise defeats itself. It says, ‘imagine a world where The Beatles and their music didn’t exist?’ Yet the world is almost identical to this one, implying that The Beatles had minimal social and cultural impact.
  4. Happy Philistine

    Happy Philistine

  5. Whut whut, everybody in the hub!
  6. I made an album, if anyone is interested they can listen https://chainstore.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. This user name is now retired for as long as I wish it to be retired. To give this thread a point you should ask questions. Questions may be related to me or you or vague incoherent ramblings. When I return in a few hours some questions will be answered truthfully, some will be blatantly ignored and others will be answered simply by lude insinuations. Rejoice, dance and frolic in the merriment of it all
  8. This is like my real internet name, if I retire it I will return as my underground rapper user name. If people changed their real names like we do here then name tags would be futile. now I need to sleep and see if my subconcious can shed any light on some of the eccentricities of the demi-logical folly of my minds workings
  9. Tomorrow I will return and make a 4,000 post and then possibly retire this username
  10. . shes got everything she needs she's an artist she don't look back shes got everything she needs she's an artist she don't look back she can paint the dark out of the night time and the day time black . .
  11. In the irrevocable irony of things I feel the only thing that could be described as wrong with you is that even a small part of you wishes to know the answer to that question. It has never bothered me that you don
  12. Played a really rocking set, only four tracks for an hour and twenty minutes. Bass was awesome, enjoy Hector
  13. I'm going to play MGS 2 in around twenty minutes or so and it's going to be sweet
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