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  1. Whut whut, everybody in the hub!
  2. I made an album, if anyone is interested they can listen https://chainstore.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. This is like my real internet name, if I retire it I will return as my underground rapper user name. If people changed their real names like we do here then name tags would be futile. now I need to sleep and see if my subconcious can shed any light on some of the eccentricities of the demi-logical folly of my minds workings
  4. Tomorrow I will return and make a 4,000 post and then possibly retire this username
  5. Some guy wrote his name and the date in one of the cinema toilets on Saturday with his own shit which would normally be a bad thing but I didn
  6. I'm going to have a shower soon, I will to totally naked during this time, like balls naked
  7. yeah tought me everything I need to know about rebellion
  8. the moisture from that table top is drip, drip, dripping on the floor the static from the radio is just hissing through my teeth the empty bottle holds sun light in its belly yarns have been spun like spider webs of depict for too long two men in the corner by the television look intently eye to eye I simply watch them passing time until a churlish young thing steps to me she’s unintentionally pretty but flawed beyond repair her eyes are curtains with starlight slits and her mouth is thin air she’s reproachful as she broaches the subject nearest to her mind ‘hey dog why are you barking’ barking! baby this is how I sing
  9. No one likes feeling lonely, like all things it will pass :invisible hug:
  10. Lions For Lambs - going to get the usual hollywood commie bullshit attacks from some quarters but films don't have to be impartial. Asks some imprtant questions about the nature of politics in the modern era, by far the best of these recent politcal thrillers
  11. It happens to everyone, usually more than once. You reach an age when you realise that parts of your life are over and some people are gone forever, and you think fuck how did I ever get to where I am now? Do I even want to be here and where the fuck am I supposed to be going? Then you start to think of the enormity of the decisions facing you and that if you make the wrong one you could end up fucking the whole thing up. So you wallow in the mundane pointless of it all, feel no connection to the world and just exist. The only advice is start pursuing the things you
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