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  1. Had a dream last night that they dropped the album and it was called Marbles, and it was a rough and ready album with lots of studio talking and live recordings kinda like Let It Be Naked, and it had acoustic Lotus Flower and closed with a live version of How To Disappear Completely roff
  2. Christmas related treat? http://www.zmasboutique.com/ http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/109410-zmas-gift-by-radiohead/
  3. To be honest, while TKOL is hardly perfect, I have no idea how you could edit the tracklist without it being a detriment. It's so neat and tidy, and its musical narrative so clear and succinct, any additions just spoil it.
  4. I've listened to this album a few times a week since its release and it's getting better the more familiar I get with it
  5. Go Slowly was always destined to be a great bside and nothing more, I think. I used to be into the DITNU-as-opener idea but I'm not quite so sure now
  6. Well yeah I slated it because of the repetition and the simplistic lyrics, but I listened to the original recently and the way they changed it but kept a lot of it in was pretty smart, and the rising tension is really great. Definitely not the worst track on the album, rn I like it more than LBL for definite
  7. Morning Mr Magpie's been pumpin' up my stereo lately and I feel bad for dissing it so hard in the past
  8. All this talk of rockers and Identikit being 0.00
  9. FTB Lotus Flower is weak but the other versions I've heard have been great
  10. Acoustic version of Lotus Flower sucks while the studio version is top tier Radiohead
  11. Yeah I think they can fix Identikit ftr. True Love Waits MIGHT get released on the album, Morning Bell is on two albums, but it's bizarre to me that anyone would *expect* it
  12. I'm super intrigued to see how The Present Tense turns out, it's chord progression is so strange and their other recent stuff is so rhythmic it seems like a bit of an anomoly
  13. Yeah I kind of agree, although I think House of Cards was really great in that early version. It remained great of course. Lotus Flower is probably the best example I can think of of what you're talking aboot
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