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  1. People who self identify as gamers are just the worst
  2. No! It's directed at Peterha, whose post I looked at and wanted to vom
  3. Tourists care about Liverpool?
  4. What benefit is there to knowing where Preston is? Knowing the name of places like Westminster is a tourist's business
  5. Yeah this is something that bugs me. Whenever I say to my maw 'Yo maw I dunno where Ireland is!' and she's all 'Psh didn't you do geography at school' I'm all 'Yeah but we studied igneous rock and the population density of Kenya'
  6. Peterha is blocked for a reason but dude go fuck yourself
  7. But it seems like race isn't as much the issue as general priveledge, which general goes hand in hand with being white but not always. At the same time, the phrase sounds like it's blaming white people as a whole which is just horseshit. If you need a whole article to explain a phrase it's a dumb phrase
  8. Well yeah that's the 'people of colour' discussion all over again, but that doesn't mean it ain't a shitty phrase that will do nothing but separate races and cause resentment amongst white people but what do I know? I'm just a shitty white person
  9. The thing that pisses me off about the phrase 'white feminism' and that diagram is that they dress it as an ideology when really it's just a clouded or narrow minded interpretation of feminism. No-one decides to be a 'white feminist', and apparently you get white feminists that aren't white if that diagram is to be believed so the phrase doesn't even make sense. I vote we change the term to 'shit feminist', because that would mean the same thing as 'feminist who is shit', while leaving the simplistic and problematic race aspect out of it.
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