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  1. Had a dream last night that they dropped the album and it was called Marbles, and it was a rough and ready album with lots of studio talking and live recordings kinda like Let It Be Naked, and it had acoustic Lotus Flower and closed with a live version of How To Disappear Completely roff
  2. Christmas related treat? http://www.zmasboutique.com/ http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/109410-zmas-gift-by-radiohead/
  3. To be honest, while TKOL is hardly perfect, I have no idea how you could edit the tracklist without it being a detriment. It's so neat and tidy, and its musical narrative so clear and succinct, any additions just spoil it.
  4. :> Yeah I mean this album is *done* so even if everyone said they hated it and had like a million things they'd like me to change it wouldn't mean I'd change the album, although I would probably cry, but comments and suggestions and criticisms and shit stick in my head for next time. Recording this album was a totes different experience from the other ones for a couple of reasons. The biggest is that since I couldn't find my FLStudio crack, I decided to record the whole thing organically (something I've always wanted to do but always end up chickening out of). The second thing is that
  5. I've listened to this album a few times a week since its release and it's getting better the more familiar I get with it
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