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  1. Had a dream last night that they dropped the album and it was called Marbles, and it was a rough and ready album with lots of studio talking and live recordings kinda like Let It Be Naked, and it had acoustic Lotus Flower and closed with a live version of How To Disappear Completely roff
  2. Christmas related treat? http://www.zmasboutique.com/ http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/109410-zmas-gift-by-radiohead/
  3. To be honest, while TKOL is hardly perfect, I have no idea how you could edit the tracklist without it being a detriment. It's so neat and tidy, and its musical narrative so clear and succinct, any additions just spoil it.
  4. I've listened to this album a few times a week since its release and it's getting better the more familiar I get with it
  5. Go Slowly was always destined to be a great bside and nothing more, I think. I used to be into the DITNU-as-opener idea but I'm not quite so sure now
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