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  1. I suspect you are being sarcastic. I don't think Radiohead will do any additional re-issues with the other albums.
  2. The underlines are meant to express emphasis . . . . . as if I was having an in-person verbal conversation with you.
  3. I understand why someone might have that perspective. I have hiked without my iPod. But I must be honest . . . . . 99% of the time, it is completely silent on my hikes. For me, the silence is extremely boring. Listening to music is a big part of my adventurous hikes. It enhances my enjoyment of Mother Nature. For comparison . . . . . when I'm at home or when I'm driving or when I'm at the grocery store or when I'm at work . . . . . instead of music, I listen to podcasts (news, sports, movie reviews, etc.) most of the time. When it's time to hike, I cherish the opportunity to listen to a playlist full of different songs. In the wilderness, it's very easy to hear airplanes because it's so fucking quiet. In the wilderness, if I hike without my iPod . . . . . I only hear the rushing water if I am near a river or creek. I rarely hear birds. I sometimes hear squirrels or chipmunks making little noises, warning the forest community that someone has entered the area. But those natural sounds just aren't a big deal to me. Like I said, most of the time it's silent and I find it very boring. Most of my hikes are off-trail . . . . . . I'm constantly stepping over fallen trees and branches. They're everywhere when you hike off-trail in the Rocky Mountains (depending on where you are, of course). I'm bush-whacking through thick under-brush. I'm climbing up and down hills and rocky terrain. It's hard work. I need music to balance out the challenging physical efforts that I'm making. If I'm hiking to a waterfall . . . . . . yes, I remove my earpods when I know I'm getting close to the waterfall. And I keep my earpods off while I am at the waterfall so I can enjoy it. But when I leave the waterfall, it's back to the music as I struggle through long arduous terrain. As far as bears are concerned . . . . . most of the time, animals hear us, see us or smell us . . . . . before we see them. And since most animals see us as a potential threat to their safety . . . . . or they just feel uncomfortable if we get too close . . . . . most of the time, they move out of the area before we arrive . . . . . . and we don't even know that the animals were there. I've been on long hikes and didn't see one animal . . . . . except for some ravens flying or squirrels/chipmunks. And those hikes are very disappointing because my greatest passion is seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. I especially love seeing wildlife when they are unaware of my presence but that is rare. It is possible that I could surprise a bear and that the bear could charge me and kill me. For example, if I'm hiking near a creek . . . . . and the rushing water is loud enough that a bear doesn't hear the sound of my boots stepping on twigs and branches that are on the ground. And maybe the bear can't smell me because the wind is not blowing the right direction. And maybe the bear can't see me because of the terrain, the trees or the thick bushes. All of those things could happen. But regardless of whatever the situation is . . . . . if a bear charges me, I will use my bear spray (pepper spray). It is clipped to the front of my backpack strap on my chest area . . . . . it's easy and ready to use. In 20 years of hiking . . . . . I have rarely seen bears. And when I have seen a bear, it was usually at a safe distance. In Yellowstone National Park, there are 3 animals that you need to keep a safe distance from: 1. bears (Black Bears and Grizzly Bears) 2. bison 3. moose Bears could kill you and eat you. But remember, less than 10 people have been killed by bears during the entire history of Yellowstone National Park (which was established in 1872). Bison and moose could charge you if you get too close to them and they could kill you because they are so big and heavy . . . . . but they will not eat you. Wolves are not a threat to us because they see us as a threat. They might be curious about us but they don't see us a source of food. As far as mountain lions are concerned, there are very few of them because their territories are extremely large. Like wolves, mountain lions don't see us as a source of food. Wolves and mountain lions know what their food looks like, it has 4 legs, has a specific body shape and it behaves/moves a certain way. As far as rattlesnakes are concerned, Yellowstone has a very small population of them in a specific area of the park. But the area is kind of out-of-the-way. Only 2 people have been bitten by rattlesnakes during the entire history of Yellowstone National Park and neither of those people died.
  4. Yeah, I love that recording. It was on my iPod playlist during my backcountry hike in Yellowstone last Saturday. In fact, my entire playlist included Radiohead, Thom Yorke solo and Atoms For Peace. I'm finally getting to enjoy all the recordings I acquired during the past year . . . . . listening to them while on adventurous hikes. I'm very grateful for these incredible songs.
  5. It's Tuesday morning and I'm just now seeing your post. I just looked at the Citizen Insane webpage for Honey Pot and I see that it does not have the audio clip feature. I acquired my MP3 of Honey Pot from YouTube. It has a total track time of 3:10, it is 4.4 MB and it has a bit rate of 192 kbps. If you want it . . . . . let me know how you want me to send it to you.
  6. I figured out how to download the audio. I wish the main page of the website had instructions for this. I wonder how long this feature has been available.
  7. I had not thought about that. That makes sense. I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it . . . . . it seems obvious now that you bring it up. I guess I've just been so focused on trying to catch up on acquiring b-sides, live tracks and hard-to-find recordings that . . . . . sitting down and watching the two Live From The Basement performances wasn't on my radar. Thank you for the suggestion.
  8. Concerning my post above . . . . . . I asked the same question at the Steve Hoffman music forum. A member of that forum mentioned an article in the References section of the Wikipedia page for The King Of Limbs Live From The Basement. I clicked on the link and it took me to the article, which was posted online on June 21, 2011. The article's author states "Last month I was honored to be invited to Maida Vale Studios to be present for the recording session" . . . . . . so the recording date appears to be May 26 2011. The article's author says he was invited to Maida Vale Studios. The Citizen Insane website says the recording took place at the TV studio at The Hospital in London. The Citizen Insane website is very organized, straightforward and reliable . . . . . . maybe it got the recording date correct . . . . . . but listed the wrong recording location.
  9. For The King Of Limbs Live From The Basement . . . . . what is the exact date it was recorded? I am not interested in the date of its TV broadcast, online broadcast, DVD release or Blu-ray release. I could not find the answer in this forum or at the Radiohead Public Library. However, here's the info I found but I don't know what is accurate: Be aware . . . . . for the Internet addresses below, I added spaces to them so they would not be active links in this post. According to the Citizen Insane website: recorded at the TV studio at The Hospital, London circa May 26 2011 https ://citizeninsane.eu/live/2011/2011-07-09. html According to the setlist.fm website: recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London on July 1 2011 https ://www.setlist.fm/setlist/radiohead/2011/maida-vale-studios-london-england-6bdfc216. html According to Wikipedia: recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London Because the websites above list two different locations, The Hospital and Maida Vale Studios, it causes me to question the accuracy of both the location and the date. Is anyone here on the forum willing to give me an Internet source that accurately confirms the date that Radiohead recorded the tracks in that studio performance?
  10. I just checked-in to the forum. Thank you very much for the link, walter ego. I'm listening to it right now and I will compare it to my existing live version (which was performed in San Diego on June 27, 2006) After listening to both versions, my existing live version (San Diego June 27, 2006) sounds better . . . . . for example, I can hear the bass guitar more clearly.
  11. Yes, of course. Be aware . . . . . I added three spaces to the Internet address because I don’t like it when forums (and email websites) take an Internet address (that I have typed) and make it an active link. I just want the Internet address to be plainly typed letters. I think adding spaces does that. I placed the spaces after https and google. Here’s the Internet address: https ://docs.google . com/document/d/1kA8u6UhjbutZ-b7TXzmX4qkOTg6nGC1vPg50WwCcZyo/preview
  12. I finished listening to the music on the Radiohead MiniDiscs [Hacked]. I was interested in keeping only a few recordings. This actually surprised me. I found quite a bit of the recordings to be a little boring sometimes. And when something did catch my attention . . . . . boredom hit me in a different way. It just gets old listening to different versions of tracks . . . . . over and over . . . . . and trying to figure out what's different between them. Trying to evaluate which recording has better audio quality . . . . . over and over . . . . . that also gets tedious. But I powered through . . . . . with the assistance of water, Red Bull and Pepsi . . . . . and with a few breaks here and there. I thought this would take me weeks or months. It actually took me a only few days and I'm very thankful for that. If there is any forum member who contributed to the MiniDiscs tracklist at the docs.google website . . . . . I want to thank you for contributing to the tracklist details. I sincerely appreciate having that information as a resource.
  13. I checked the Radiohead Public Library but I did not find any info about a live version of Like Spinning Plates played using the instruments on the Amnesiac album. On a separate note . . . . . I finally finished the project I have been working on for about 1 year or so. I didn't work on it every day or even every week. I worked on it whenever I had time. The project was to acquire live versions of every track I like (tracks written and recorded by Radiohead, Atoms For Peace and Thom Yorke solo). I suspect most forum members have many live versions of tracks. And they've had them for years. My situation was different. I only had a few live tracks when I started this project. As everyone knows . . . . . for the most part, most tracks are performed the same way by bands at each concert. So my first challenge was just to find those typical performances, download them and organize them in my iTunes library. In addition to that . . . . . I had to search out early live versions of tracks . . . . . or sometimes, only Thom & Jonny performed the track . . . . . or Thom played it all by himself . . . . . . or Thom performed a Radiohead track with Atoms For Peace. The Citizen Insane website has been a great resource and I'm very grateful it is still available to use. However, there's no one single database that contains every specific bit of info about different live versions . . . . . so sometimes, it took forever to look for that information at a wide variety of sources. Another issue was finding quality recordings. As everyone knows, there's so many low quality concert recordings out there. People would claim it sounded "great" . . . . . but then after listening . . . . . . many times I asked myself "What the hell? That audio recording sounds like crap!" As everyone here at the forum knows . . . . . the audio taper may be too close to the stage or too far from the stage or their location (in the audience floor) records poor quality audio of vocals but great guitars . . . . . or their location records great vocals but low quality audio of the guitars. One of my biggest complaints was audience members talking, screaming or whistling while a song was being performed. Most of the time, I decided not to keep those audio files. Another reason this project took me so long was . . . . . . after acquiring the audio files, I spent lots of time editing audio files in order to remove banter from band members (normally Thom, of course). Obviously, that banter was usually right before tracks start. And I wanted to remove most of crowd noise from before the music starts and remove most of the crowd noise from after the music ends. My goal was to focus on the individual music tracks rather than entire concert experiences. After all this work . . . . . I still couldn't find quality live versions of numerous tracks. And yes, I know . . . . . some tracks just have not been performed live. My next project is listening to all the music that is on the MiniDisks. I have to decide what's worth keeping. I suspect I already have some of the music that is on the MiniDisks. This COVID-19 situation has actually given me a chance to work on these projects. And I still need to do this same type of live track project for some of my other favorite musical artists (Depeche Mode, U2, The Cure, Coldplay, Neil Young).
  14. Concerning the tracks from Earth . . . . I did not like any track enough to buy them. However, I did buy the track Santa Teresa from the iTunes Store.
  15. I'm still working on my project of trying to get high quality live audio downloads of every Radiohead track I like. I have struggled with Airbag. One thing I don't like about it is . . . . . I just wish Thom would stop playing his guitar for portions of the song. His constant guitar playing does not allow me to hear the other guitars as much as I would prefer. That appears to be the way they play the song so I guess there's really nothing I can do about it. This topic has a post that includes a YouTube video. The audio is pretty good but still not what I had hoped. Anyways, I will try to acquire the audio from it and I will continue to search the forum for other live audio of Airbag. Thank you . . . . to whoever it was that posted the Eurockeennes 97 video.
  16. No, I did not. I thought it would be too specific to be mentioned in the Radiohead Public Library. But now that you ask . . . . . I will search the Radiohead Public Library and see if I can find any info about it.
  17. Thanks for the reply. It's good to know someone else is active on the forum. There are plenty of forum members who have been to numerous Radiohead concerts and who have also acquired audio files of live concerts. A few of those people probably know the answer to my question in the first post . . . . . it's just a matter of them being aware that I posted this question on the forum. There has not been much activity on the forum over the last 6 months so I will just have to be patient.
  18. At a live concert, has Radiohead ever played Like Spinning Plates using instruments so that it sounds like the version on the Amnesiac album? It seems like they used a piano at live concert performances. I would love to have an audio file of them playing it with the synthesizers used in the Amnesiac album version. I couldn't find any information about this at any of the following sources: citizeninsane.eu radiohead.fandom.com/wiki
  19. It's possible that . . . . . . I implied that I went to the Radiohead Public Library and watched the Radiohead performances in my post above. I actually watched Entanglement, Thumbs Down, Scotch Mist and Live In Praha on YouTube. My post mentions the email about the Radiohead Public Library only because it just happened. I have not yet checked out the Radiohead Public Library. I don't have time right now.
  20. I finally watched the Entanglement webcast, the Thumbs Down webcast, the Scotch Mist webcast and Live in Praha. Over the last 6 months, whenever I have had time, I have been working on acquiring quality audio recordings of live versions of all tracks from Radiohead, Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace. I am also working on listening to the MiniDiscs in order to decide what music I want to keep in my iTunes library. Today, W.A.S.T.E. hq sent me an email about the Radiohead Public Library. I'm excited about it and look forward to exploring it when I have time. I am still very grateful the Radiohead forum is available. I do have some questions . . . . . . but for now, I will hold off and get to them when I have more time.
  21. You found the dub of what? I have not yet clicked on that link because I don't know anything about it. What do you mean by "subbed version"?
  22. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so that Annex website didn't give me permission to use it. It appears I might be able to sign-up for the Annex thing so I'll consider that. As far as reddit is concerned, I have never searched anything on reddit so this is my first time. In the reddit search box, I just typed anima preview limited edition and I'm looking at the results right now. I'll see if I can find info about the Dawn Chorus [Alternate Mix]. Thank you for the suggestions.
  23. OK . . . so the above video appears to have the 2 tracks on the B side of the 12-Inch vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). According to the Notes section of the discogs.com page for Anima (Preview Limited Edition): Given to attendees at the Los Angeles IMAX premiere of the ANIMA short film by Thom Yorke and Paul Thomas Anderson on June 21, 2019. Also given on select European and North American IMAX screenings on June 26, 2019. The Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is the synth only mix from the movie That last sentence does not make sense to me. It says "the synth only mix from the movie". I just watched the Anima short film that's posted in this thread. To me, the version of Dawn Chorus in the Anima short film sounds like the version from the Anima album. Thom has vocals during Dawn Chorus in both the short film and the album. Neither is "synth only". If the Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is synth only . . . . then maybe it's only on the A side of the 12-Inch Vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). Does anyone else have a different interpretation?
  24. Wow . . . . . BIG thanks to sleepy jack. I am watching the Anima short film you posted above. At 9:37 of the film, the woman (Dajana Roncione) and Thom Yorke begin smiling at each other while they move along the wall. For me . . . . . it's the kind of smiles that mean a true romantic connection between two human beings. It shows a genuine emotional connection, a physical connection and an intellectual connection. I know its just a short film . . . . . but I'm jealous. I'm 49-years-old and I've never experienced it with a woman. I always wanted to . . . . . but it just didn't happen. I suspect I'm one of the few people on Earth that's never experienced it. It seems like a fundamental experience for humans . . . . . .something very common and normal. And millions of people have experienced it with different people in other relationships they've had. Life is not fair and that's been a challenge to accept. Thank you again for posting that video. I will still subscribe to Netflix because I still want to see those movies I mentioned in my earlier post.
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