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  1. I finally watched the Entanglement webcast, the Thumbs Down webcast, the Scotch Mist webcast and Live in Praha. Over the last 6 months, whenever I have had time, I have been working on acquiring quality audio recordings of live versions of all tracks from Radiohead, Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace. I am also working on listening to the MiniDiscs in order to decide what music I want to keep in my iTunes library. Today, W.A.S.T.E. hq sent me an email about the Radiohead Public Library. I'm excited about it and look forward to exploring it when I have time. I am still very grateful the Radiohead forum is available. I do have some questions . . . . . . but for now, I will hold off and get to them when I have more time.
  2. You found the dub of what? I have not yet clicked on that link because I don't know anything about it. What do you mean by "subbed version"?
  3. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so that Annex website didn't give me permission to use it. It appears I might be able to sign-up for the Annex thing so I'll consider that. As far as reddit is concerned, I have never searched anything on reddit so this is my first time. In the reddit search box, I just typed anima preview limited edition and I'm looking at the results right now. I'll see if I can find info about the Dawn Chorus [Alternate Mix]. Thank you for the suggestions.
  4. OK . . . so the above video appears to have the 2 tracks on the B side of the 12-Inch vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). According to the Notes section of the discogs.com page for Anima (Preview Limited Edition): Given to attendees at the Los Angeles IMAX premiere of the ANIMA short film by Thom Yorke and Paul Thomas Anderson on June 21, 2019. Also given on select European and North American IMAX screenings on June 26, 2019. The Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is the synth only mix from the movie That last sentence does not make sense to me. It says "the synth only mix from the movie". I just watched the Anima short film that's posted in this thread. To me, the version of Dawn Chorus in the Anima short film sounds like the version from the Anima album. Thom has vocals during Dawn Chorus in both the short film and the album. Neither is "synth only". If the Alternate Mix of Dawn Chorus is synth only . . . . then maybe it's only on the A side of the 12-Inch Vinyl Record titled Anima (Preview Limited Edition). Does anyone else have a different interpretation?
  5. Wow . . . . . BIG thanks to sleepy jack. I am watching the Anima short film you posted above. At 9:37 of the film, the woman (Dajana Roncione) and Thom Yorke begin smiling at each other while they move along the wall. For me . . . . . it's the kind of smiles that mean a true romantic connection between two human beings. It shows a genuine emotional connection, a physical connection and an intellectual connection. I know its just a short film . . . . . but I'm jealous. I'm 49-years-old and I've never experienced it with a woman. I always wanted to . . . . . but it just didn't happen. I suspect I'm one of the few people on Earth that's never experienced it. It seems like a fundamental experience for humans . . . . . .something very common and normal. And millions of people have experienced it with different people in other relationships they've had. Life is not fair and that's been a challenge to accept. Thank you again for posting that video. I will still subscribe to Netflix because I still want to see those movies I mentioned in my earlier post.
  6. Thank you for posting those videos. They inspired me to download a program (to my computer) in order to help me convert the audio (of those VIMEO videos) to MP3. I downloaded a program called Streaming Audio Recorder. Instead of doing the Trial Evaluation thing, I decided to buy a 1-year Personal License Subscription. But I screwed up the purchase. I clicked on the incorrect thing and ended up buying a 1-year Personal License Subscription to the Streaming Video Recorder program. I made the mistake of not noticing the word Video . . . . . I just wasn't paying attention. I thought it said Audio. I have contacted them and I am now waiting for them to refund my $42.35. As soon as that happens, I will buy the 1-year subscription for the Streaming Audio Recorder program.
  7. Thank you very much for the reply. I expect to subscribe to Netflix in December because there are several movies (The Meyerowitz Stories, The Irishman, Marriage Story) that will only be viewable on Netflix. So I will be able to watch the Anima short film in December. However, I don't know how to rip it.
  8. On the Thom Yorke page at discogs.com, in the section titled Singles & EPs . . . . . I discovered a release called Anima (Preview Limited Edition). It is a 12-inch Vinyl Record and track 3 is titled Dawn Chorus (Alternate Mix). The Notes section of that webpage indicates it is the synth only mix from the movie. It's refering to the 15-minute Anima short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. It appears that the Anima short film is currently only available to see if you have a subscription to Netflix (which I don't). I don't use vinyl records and I can't find the synth only mix titled Dawn Chorus (Alternate Mix) on the Internet. Does anyone know where I can find an MP3 of it?
  9. I bought the digital download of Thom Yorke's Anima and I love it. I'm planning on buying the CD. Does the CD come with lyrics?
  10. Not yet . . . . . I just haven't had time. However, I have the YouTube video of Scotch Mist in the Bookmarks Menu thing on my Internet Browser so I will watch it as soon as I can.
  11. All these years, rather than post on this forum, I read other people's posts so I could learn information about Radiohead. I did post a few questions here and there. The reason I spent so little time on this forum is because I just didn't have the time. A day is only 24 hours and I still struggle to cram so many things into it. I am always behind when it comes to getting information about my favorite bands. Recently, I started catching up on acquiring Radiohead information and music. For example, I am very grateful to have finally had the chance to download (from YouTube) the music from Scotch Mist. For several years, it had been on my list of things to research. Currently, it's in my Downloads folder, but I have not yet had time to import it to my iTunes library, separate it into individual tracks and enjoy it. I still have a list of Radiohead stuff I want to follow-up on. I may need this forum to ask a few questions . . . . . so I hope it stays available for a little longer. I am also very grateful that a few members of the forum have helped me with things on my Radiohead list.
  12. Thank you very much for posting that video of Thom Yorke performing.
  13. I want to buy this Thom Yorke track Hands Off The Antarctica as a digital download (to compensate Thom Yorke as a musician). As of a few days ago, I was not able to find it for purchase online. Can someone tell me where it can be purchased online?
  14. I agree with that statement. But . . . . . I paid the $80+ with the understanding that paying a premium granted me exclusive access to the bonus tracks on CD#2 of the Special Edition of In Rainbows. My mistake was assuming that those bonus tracks would never be offered for purchase later on. That's on me. It was my fault for assuming. Please note: I was not interested in acquiring those bonus In Rainbows tracks illegally. I wanted to compensate Radiohead for their work. For me, the lesson learned is . . . . . I am not going to make the same mistake again by buying the Special Edition of A Moon Shaped Pool. I will just hope the two bonus tracks are made available for purchase in the future.
  15. I was not aware of photographs and art work being on CD #2 of In Rainbows. How do I access them? If someone replies, please be aware . . . . . I am probably considered just above a novice when it comes to computer stuff.
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