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  1. why on"hail to the thief" cd, there is a multimedia player? this player do not allow to listen from a personal computer the standard audio file format (wave, or others..anyway 44100 rate 16 bit..). on my pc i can only play the album whit this software that emit a low quality mp3 file format (96 kbps) so, i buyed the cd for listen also to ALL the "nuances" that a lot of months in a recording studio can give(the clear sound of crashes and rides, the voices, some high frequencies). why a rigorous band like radiohead choose to put this useless software in their products? 1. money 2. something worse than money what do you think abut it? (sorry for my "crippling" english, i'm italian..) anyway thank you guys for your...your "all" that you give us every song..
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