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  1. How come everybody hates the tracklist of Hail to the Thief? I actually like most of the songs you talked about. Punchup's groovy guitar or the piano climax on We Suck Young Blood are great for example. The weakest part is the first half. They should have kept Sit down Stand up (THERAINDROPSTHERAINDROPSTHERAINDROPSTHERAINDROPSTHERAINDROPS), Backdrifts and Go To Sleep out of the tracklist. Go To Sleep is a great song but the last 1:30 or something is just drums and almost no guitars. The live versions were mostly great though!
  2. One thing I'd find interesting: How do you like it compared to The Eraser? Better or worse?
  3. Am I the only one around here who really really really likes AMOK? Of course it has it's weak points, but it is very solid compared to all the Radiohead records. In my oppinion AMOK is somewhat on the same level as The King of Limbs. Especially Before Your Very Eyes, Reverse Running and AMOK are great. The last 2 minutes of Reverse Running are fucking amazing.
  4. I guess so. But then again, we shouldn't blow our minds with why.
  5. Currently i can't stop listening to Life in a Glasshouse. So oddly beautiful.
  6. Best pairing: TKOL and Hail to the Thief My favorite short and long RH tracks are: I Will / Life in a Glasshouse (Full length version) I absolutely have no fucking idea why they didn't put the full length version on the album. It sounds so much better.
  7. I actually quite like it. The app is art for your mobile. I recently "played" it in a dark room with headphones and the experience is amazing. It's like 3d artwork for TKOL. Though I have no idea why they didn't release it simultaneously to the TKOL or at least sooner. Anyway it's great to see that they're obviously working on something.
  8. I´m thinking about the ghosts from the TKOL cover and "So why does it still hurt? Don´t blow your mind with why." under it. Would that look stupid? ^^
  9. What about "Me first and (then) the children"?
  10. We tried in Art at school to print pictures with a special technique. I did the The Eraser cover. I think it looks pretty real
  11. I already have a plan! If they come to a town 1000km near mine I´ll be there. If not I´ll make suicide Maybe there is also an AFP tour? When there really is a new Album they might tour...
  12. Could you please change mine into: Manic Hedgehog pleeaassse
  13. is tha sadest Radiohead song. It´s about childsoldiers. Come on, HTDC is not sad at all. It´s melancholic but not sad.
  14. I would like to ask them a few questions: Who is Chieftan Mews? Thom, do you play World of Warcraft? What is the time signature of Pyramid Song? MAY I HAVE AN AUTOGRAPH PLEASSSE!!!!!
  15. I Am Citizen Insane and Where Bluebirds Fly. This would be EPIC.
  16. This is probably the most funniest story I´ve ever heard. I think WOW would kind of fit to Thom! Just to relax. It would be awesome if he plays computer games...
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