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  1. House Of Cards is one of the only post-Ok computer radiohead songs that i simply dont like. it just.... doesnt make me feel anything? which is a shame because the rest of In Rainbows is superb
  2. its just that in rainbows is the perfect album for gay sex :> gays fuck in 5/4, and the rhythm of 15 step is perfect for that. joking XD isnt it obvious? rainbow is the symbol of LGBT duh.
  3. If you want something calm - listent to his album "Ghost" for something brutal, listen to his album "Deconstruction" for a dynamic combination of calm and brutal, listen to his album "Terria" for something which is easy to digest listen to his album "Addicted" for something that will take you to another world listen to his album "Ocean Machine" for something eclectic, listen to his album "Ki" oh and btw, GAY SEX TO IN RAINBOWS FTW!!!!
  4. listen to some Devin Townsend, its the perfect cure for radiohead obsession.
  5. i never got goosebumps from anything,in my whole life. only after the shower, but thats not considered.
  6. Kid A. No competition. how i rank radiohead albums: 1. Kid A (10) 2. TKOL (9.5) 3. Amnesiac (9) 4. In Rainbows (9) 5. Ok Computer (8.5) 6. Hail To The Thief (8) 7. The Bends (7) 8. Pablo Honey (6)
  7. omg !!!! omegle!

    1. Lucifer Sam

      Lucifer Sam

      haha yeah, dont know how many people have met before like that! downloading devin's discography right now, will hear in awhile...where should I start?

  8. awake is just as good as radiohead's best songs, subjectively.
  9. yap. im not believing they are the best band on the planet, just my favorite one
  10. whan it comes to guitar skills, townsend wins by far. jonny will never be able to put solos like this: the vocal skills of devin townsend are way too insane for thom to even thouch him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtmjYuUbB_s
  11. ill still be here, because i still love radiohead :> i just love devin more. his Yin-Yang release of Ghost and Deconstruction at the same time is the greatest release in the history of music imo.
  12. well, thats your opinion. for me, devin's music is just mind blowing. he is a genius
  13. just listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2junZRuEG0
  14. devin townsend doesnt make only metal, he also has some very soft stuff. and whan he makes metal, its usuly progressive metal or extreme metal and not heavy metal. he is better guitar player than jonny, better vocalist than thom, extremely creative musician, and his music is just pure genious - espicially considering the fact he does all the production alone. P.S jonny looks so goddamn hot in your sig
  15. my 1st musician now is devin townsend, and this is why: 1. release more albums, and some of his albums are over 70 minutes = he has more music. 2. he is more diverse than radiohead. 3. he is insane whan it comes to music , while radiohead tend to be more restrained 4.he is writing+ producing alone his music. 5.he is a member in his official forums and i can actually talk with the master zomg. sorrry radiohead, you are 2nd now.
  16. staircase, daily mail, supercolider and the butcher = tkol b-sides for me.
  17. imo: amnesiac > in rainbows > the bends > ok computer > tkol > httt > pablo honey in terms of b-sides. but my opinion might change, its a close call
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