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  1. Talk Show Host instead of Exit Music. Technically doesn't count as it was a Bends b-side but I think it flows nicely, and it'd also make "side 1" of OK computer (airbag-karma police) as awesome as "side 2" (optimistic-MPS) of Kid A.
  2. Controversial opinions incoming! In terms of personal preference: 1. In Rainbows. My favorite album of all time, no contest. 2. Kid A. Dat second half, from Optimistic to Motion Picture Soundtrack, is just amazing. And the other stuff is pretty good too, with the possible exception of Treefingers which should have been a lot shorter, or at least a bit more interesting. 3. The Bends. One of the very best "guitar" albums ever made, Endlessly enjoyable with not a weak track in sight, possible exception of the Bends. 4. OK Computer. An awesome album, but can get a bit wearying after repeat listens. Could also stand to lose Exit Music in favor of Talk Show Host. 5. Hail to the Thief. Weirdly enough I actually find this to be the most accessible Radiohead album, I find I can listen to it even when I'm having an "off" period with them. Still though, too many weak tracks--cutting We Suck Young Blood and I Will would've made it a classic. 6. Amnesiac. Good stuff with a very unique sound among RH albums, but too much of it (Hunting Bears) feels like filler. 7. Pablo Honey. I actually really like this one, though Vegetable and Ripcord are both really generic and I prefer the US single mix of Stop Whispering 8. The King of Limbs. Only RH album I dislike. The second half is alright, but I find the first half unpleasant to listen to, particularly Magpie which is like getting poked in the eardrums with a stick. There's also an over-reliance on repetition throughout the album that annoys me. It all sounds good live, though. *prepares for avalanche of outrage*
  3. H+D is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. I think Thom doesn't like it because it isn't really as "deep" as most of their other stuff--it's a very simplistic subject matter and melody. But I think that doesn't make it a bad song.
  4. I think LP9 is going to another short one, just under 40 minutes like KOL. As to how it'll sound, I think Thom's increasing affinity with the kind of electronic music peddled by Four Tet and SBTRKT will shine through. We're looking at a lot of clicky beats and synthesizer noises. Bar some kind of disaster, I'm pretty sure we can expect to see Identikit in the track listing. If the band are up to it, I think they might release it as the first single--that would explain why the tested it at nearly every live show in 2012.. On the other hand I can be completely wrong, and they intend to keep Identikit as a sort of "live favorite" track like Talk Show Host. Cut a Hole and Skirting on the Surface are less likely from the viewpoint of my first theory, as they weren't aired live as much.
  5. Pablo Honey: Stop Whispering / Lurgee Stop Whispering has a really nice melody. Thom's voice on it is awesome, and it stands out from the other tracks. Lurgee is kinda dull, and like many others have said, forgettable. The Bends: High and Dry / Bulletproof High and Dry was what got me into Radiohead, I've been listening to it since I was three years old, and I don't get all the hatred that's directed towards it by the fans and even the band. So I'm naming it as my favorite here--not necessarily the best song on the album, in fact by far not the best song on the album, but the one that I'm most attached to. Bulletproof loses out because it just captures my attention less than the other tracks, though it's a perfectly good song. OK Computer: Airbag / Fitter Happier i don't need to justify my love for Airbag. It kicks ass. Fitter Happier gets skipped the most when I'm listening to OKC. It makes a valid point, it's atmospheric, I understand why it's there, but put in among all the other great tracks as it is, it tends to get skipped a lot. Kid A: Morning Bell / Treefingers I'm not sure why I like Morning Bell so much, since it doesn't seem to have much of a following. I find it to be the rhythm section's best performance, though. I love the clattering snare trick that Phil does every few bars or so, and Colin's bass outro. Treefingers is just Kid A's Fitter Happier--I get why it's there and it sounds nice enough, but when I'm going through the album I tend to skip it cos I want to get to all the other songs, not listen to a guitar sample. Amnesiac: Dollars and Cents / Hunting Bears I love the sinister string section on Dollars and Cents. Most people like the bassline, but for me it's the two-note guitar outro that really makes the song. Hunting Bears--dammit, Ed, stop putting your unused guitar samples on albums! Hail to the Thief: Where I End and You Begin / We Suck Young Blood The lyrics are my favorite part of WIEAYB, and how apocalyptic they sound. Ed's guitar is also awesome on it. We Suck Young Blood is a c*cktease. You listen to the slow piano thing for three minutes, then the awesome drum thing starts and you think "right, this is gonna be epic." But no, back to the slow piano thing again. You feel like someone's just walked up to you on the street and offered you a suitcase full of money, then closed it and walked away abruptly before you could even react. In Rainbows: Reckoner / Faust Arp Reckoner is one of my favorite Radiohead songs on my favorite Radiohead album. I love every bit of it--the minimalist guitar riff, the crashing percussion, and the strings on the "breakdown" part. Faust Arp loses out because it gets in Reckoner's way. The King of Limbs: Lotus Flower / Feral Lotus Flower makes sense to me more than the other songs on the album. I love the huge bass riff, as well, though I prefer the one on Myxomatosis. Feral sounds cool live, but I cannot love the studio version.
  6. The first half of TKOL doesn't agree with me much. Aside from that I like all their other releases (yes, even Pablo Honey, which is very underrated in my opinion)
  7. He doesn't really seem to be attacking Radiohead, he's criticizing the fact that Jonny is valued as a better guitarist then him or the other guy for some reason. I don't know, it isn't very clear what he's trying to say exactly. He's been quoted as saying he liked RH, so I doubt he'd change his opinion that quickly--he isn't a Gallagher brother. I really like the Smashing Pumpkins, but if a musician speaks ill of RH I just boycott them. I'm that much of a loyalist.
  8. Hey, no, wait, hang on......why would Radiohead, now keep in mind this is Radiohead, celebrate the Queen's jubilee?
  9. In Rainbows is the reasons I'm a fan in the first place, so they'd still probably be my favorite band.
  10. I should point out that I'm 90% self-taught on guitar and am therefore crap, so if I sounded overly-reverent in that post then I apologize. The point I was trying to make is that he's at least as good as the other two, though not in such an obvious way. Look! (although you'll probably just tell me that that's piss easy as well :L)
  11. Yes indeed, Thom is a professional toothbrush thief.
  12. ..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAWHYISKIDASOLOWONAGREATESTALBUMSLIST?
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