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  1. I agree it doesn't look like him. I am glad they made his one eye smaller though.
  2. Ha ha Pulk/Pull Feral is so fucking hot live! I hadn't thought of IMBW, thank you. I don't know what I meant exactly either, but "romantic" can mean whatever you want it to mean. For Radiohead if it's in the lyrics it's usually unrequited or angsty in some way. I think of In Rainbows as well. For overall sound These are My Twisted Words fits right in there.
  3. I didn't know 5, 8,11,12, or 21. i am loving 5 however (recording Telex drunk and laying down).
  4. A couple times- but most recently at this tour in Atlanta when they first came out. I had such a rush of endorphins I thought I might pass out. I was in the pit and pretty close and it was just dizzying to be so close to all of them.
  5. I thought it was a terrific concert. I loved every song...there was amazing energy from the band and the audience...I think all 20,000+ people were standing up at the end. Thom addressed every section. I was on the 4th row after waiting allll day. But it was so worth it. Just awesome. I as so perfectly ecstatic when they came out!!!! There There, Everything is its Right Place, and Pyramid Song were terrific. I was hoping for Paranoid Android or Just but that's okay. They played for about 2 hrs with no break. I met some people in the WASTE line but no names I recognized.
  6. Heading to meet my sis now, and will get in line around 2. Soooo excited!!! Wearing my gray Hail to the Thief shirt, fyi.
  7. Wow Indentikit was powerful!! Amazing! Def had a reggae vibe. I can't wait for ATL!!!
  8. Well I am sure people will be there before 3 for a sort of a "pre-line"...I will probably get there at 2-ish. I don't know how helpful it would be to get there much earlier. What do you guys think? When are you getting there?
  9. Actually I think ACL has exactly the right size venue and kind of interaction with the audience that might encourage them to play new material. We shall see.
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