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  1. Gurl you so cool

  2. woah! ifinially likethis song,its better than treefingers fo courserosewasnt weird, compliments a lotta other songs
  3. hmm 15 step - good bodysamsquanchers - bad nude - great arpeggi - stinky all i need - amazing faust arp - good reckoner - amazing house of cards - great jigsaw - eh videotape - my opinion changes from eh to amazing often mk 1 - good down is the new up - amazing go slowly - amazing last flowers - great up on the ladder - good/great bangers n mash - great 4 minute wwarning - good/great yes i can easily say i enjoy disc 2 way more, helps that its shorter the only song id skip is up on the ladder where as i skip disc 1 songs a lot
  4. hey arent you like, 17! you havent even started liking music yet
  5. man no matter where u go karma police is always the OMG!! one and its not even that good T_T hee, kinda wanna go to mexico next time they tour so people will be quiet for stuff like you and whose army ~
  6. ITS NOT ON AN LP SO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if the song isnt on ph, bends, ok, kidamn, httt, ir, or tkol then you can count it!!! u know i rly dont like the trickster, dont even like where bluebirds fly even tho the httt bsides are pretty coooooooooool obv amnesiac best bsides and i like ir dis 2 so so much better than disc 1 lole. like yes reckoner is ~awesome~ but im kinda surprised how much better teh bsides are
  7. whatever!! unreleased!? SAME SHIT
  8. i just realized that if i ever break up with clanclan i wouldnt really be able to listen to radiohead anymore huh! shit! they were my first favorite band, first music i listened to as a child that made me imagine things, super nostalgic. i dont listen to them much anymore, couple times a month probably. i do check in for new songs though not how i used to. but wsheesh when im doing real bad or cant think of the 'perfect' music to listen to when im stoned+scared i always come back to radiohead and it takes me back to childhood. feel safe, wonder, creativity and curiosity, sometimes enough feelings to make me cry, especially when i saw them live heee i cried when i saw eiirp and its not even one of my favorite songs by far. just the nostalgia/comfort got me so hard so fast like a hug from mama
  9. yeah , i was hoping youd come through thomasj i also like amnesiac and the bends i should like okc but i dont like paranoid android much so
  10. go slowly fog gagging order amazing sounds of orgy fast track down is the new up i am citizen insane these are my twisted words a reminder worry wort (how i made my millions) (punchdrunk lovesick sing along) (paperbag writer) (bangers n mash) (india rubber) dont count true love waits or talk show host as bsides for dumb reasons surprised to see no big boots heh amazing sounds of orgy wasnt on my top50 trax list and its a shame, saw it live and what a great song to see edit- whoop i forgot kinetic, screw this
  11. how come radohead hoardes the best setlists for asia/south america. just cause i have clean water it doesnt mean i dont work just as hard as everybody else to get money to see you radiohead!!racist dickwads!!!!!
  12. pm a pic of the girl on okc??? with pink hair, i didnt show u???ok i pm

  13. i wrote on my wall again

    1. gentil géant

      gentil géant

      u never pmed me a pic of pinky, i need a visual so i can start another awkward okc crush


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