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  1. please add me to your msn, polygon_monkey@hotmail.com
  2. here it comes, here it comes... im uploading it using megaupload, is that fine with you? its gonna be another four or so hours for it to be ready though! its in really good quality sorry guy who asked for it to be be on rapidshare and in mp3 format its on megaupload and its a movie file
  3. who wants the whole glastonbury 2003 gig? O_O O_O O_O I just downloaded and i think if you haven't seen it, you should!! and its in perfect quality too! im ecstatic I just wanna hear some pleezesss... press red is fliming and what should i use??? you send it??? or megaupload???
  4. im the only one that picked maquiladora!! YES!!!!
  5. i wanna see thom dance to worrywort, kinetic and the amazing sounds of orgy!....i can pikture the bizrre movements already probably really squiggely! : and kid a rocks live
  6. i can't find anything about buying tickets when they come to canada i've been desperately hunting for a while now...maybe im just not looking right or one of you guys can help me!
  7. this is kinda off-topic but on topic in a way...anybody have a picture of the anime girl on jonny's guitar o0r know who she is? i would like it for my website that im making..yeah, and i need to know her name
  8. i read the whole thing littletom, you have a billion cool points in my book
  9. whenever i hear high and dry, i can picture myself all huddled in a corner high outta my tree and waiting for food to come arouse me it of course never comes and i am left high and dry
  10. yesh, blur is so neat, i would've married damon albarn but i didn't i quite like radiohead more though!
  11. ummm, well... I... you... if the... don't you... hmm....VICTORY DANCE!
  12. i smoke hash, its cool, smoke it regularily everyday then you'll get the effects
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