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  1. Found some pictures, in case anyone is interested (from Mansfield, MA show): Source: http://bostonthroughmyeyes.com/
  2. Do you remember the prices for everything? The shirts? The bottles? The limited edition Donwood poster and the regular poster?
  3. You're referring to newly designed, limited edition posters by Stanley Donwood?
  4. I see. Thanks a lot. The venue opened at 4, then? And what time was the concert at?
  5. Can we get more accurate price info on the other merchandise? The limited, numbered Donwood posters are $30 and the shirts are how much? The bottles? Also, how long is the merchandise booth open? Is it available after the show, as well?
  6. Yes, I'm curious about the following for the MONTREAL show: 1) When I can pick up the tickets I got through w.a.s.t.e. 2) How early I should return to the venue to wait for the actual show.
  7. I thought not (although, this was the case for the NYC Roseland Ballroom last Fall), but then I saw this on another forum:
  8. The FLAC files won't play in iTunes, you're right. How would I go about converting them so that they will play in iTunes and on my iPhone?
  9. The soundtrack is pretty wonderful, from what I've heard. On iTunes -- $7.99. Reznor's site -- $5.00 (for either FLAC, 320 mp3, or Apple lossless).
  10. interesting. I was considering paying the 25 dollars for the Bluray, but I think the 5 dollar FLAC download will suffice....
  11. Thanks for the reply. What about the Bluray being sold on Reznor's site? Is that kind of HD quality leagues ahead of FLAC?
  12. Admittedly, this isn't a Radiohead thread (although, to keep it on topic, how many of their songs are available in the superior of these three formats?). I'm about to download The Social Network soundtrack off of Trent Reznor's website, and I would just like to know which is best... Also, does it make a difference if I download straight from Reznor or can I get the superior versions if I download straight from iTunes?
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