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    professional napper
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    Paranoid Android
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    Hail to the Thief
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    The Beatles, CCR, Flamingo Gunfight (ask me about them), Jet, Supertramp, Sugarcult, Third Eye Blind, etc

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  1. either paranoid android or true love waits
  2. I'll never forget when I was in Cambridge over the summer and heard Creep playing at the station for the T.... it made my day
  3. I wanna go.... but am afraid I may be going alone
  4. That's great. I want one! I made one of my friends a semi-RH fan. I tried again with another one, but she said their music all sounds the same. After I finished laughing at her, I realized it was hopeless to try and convert a Green Day fan.
  5. There are no words for that performance......... wow.....
  6. That's great! I'm gnostic. Very glad to know that someone else has heard of it besides myself.
  7. The string tributes are better than the piano one.
  8. I know how you feel. I've decided that no matter what, I'm going. Even if I have to drag a friend who doesn't really like RH with me for company.
  9. Just about all of the Bends is make out friendly
  10. At first I thought the glitches were happening because I was listening to a cd from the library (which was scratched beyond belief). It wasn't until I actually bought the cd that I realized that they were intentional.
  11. Its a bit of an onomatopoeia... a word that imitates the sound associated with the actions they refer to. Like the squeaking/chirping thing.
  12. When I was on vacation over the summer, I found out that the guy that I had known for the past few years was into Radiohead. I can honestly say that Radiohead helped us become better friends this year. So whenever I listen to Like Spinning Plates, I think of him.
  13. I think his vocals have improved greatly. To me, it sounds like he has gotten more comfortable and confident with his singing. Although I still love the vocals pre-OKC.
  14. I mostly sing along to Scatterbrain, that's one of their songs that I think my voice sounds decent with.
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