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  1. Gets better and better with each new song. Production quality is unreal.
  2. I really can't get my head around this recent "bleep-bloop"-labeling?? Do you also call the okc sound the "rim-ram-wahwah"-era?
  3. lets not veer too deep into the sonic hyperspace, you might never come back
  4. Not so sure even a marriage would serve as a sufficient safety measure when steering someone down the tkol path.
  5. should have called it how i burned my millions
  6. Random dude off songmeanings on how i made my millions
  7. Well, I certainly don't want a long album just for the sake of it. Would rather get a 20 minute EP with pure bliss than a +60 record with a lot of fillers (aka HTTT, in some regards being the nearest reference). BUT my feeling is that the next outing will be a bit more meaty (duration wise) than TKOL. So you mean that HTTT, IR and TKOL is cut from the same mold as Kid A/Amnesiac? And that lp9 will inherit the "same" destiny?
  8. Nah, I don't percieve pyramid song as particularly positive, have always seen it as a kind of mourning thing but yeah, subjective stuff. Indeed, dig LSP a lot with the machinery at the end as well.
  9. http://kotaku.com/5928781/if-radiohead-had-performed-the-limbo-soundtrack Fits sooo well and enhances the creepiness to a whole different level. Sublime. Pulk/pull + the spider is truly grade a.
  10. I actually think this rule of theirs might be broken on lp9, dunno, just have a feeling they will go for a more fleshed out thing as opposed to TKOL. They have said numerous times that their albums have, more or less, been a reaction to their prior output.
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