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  1. It's the reason why I'm glad I always avoided Lift, Present Tense and I Promise til now. the new Man of War isn't my favourite because I have obsessed over the old ones.
  2. HEY HEY Opaque Blue Versions are available at the site below: https://www.normanrecords.com/invite/W3HK0E If you click on the above link, press 'start shopping' and buy a copy I'll get a nice £5 voucher. So that would be very cute of you all. EDIT: All gone now - this always happens
  3. After watching this shitty ranking video and some of his review of Pure Comedy, I don't think I'll bother with this dude again.
  4. that's what I meant - feels odd to see the news crop up on websites like consequences of sound.
  5. It was expected, but it feels weird for some reason having this news cropping up on various music publications.
  6. hey hey: You can buy copies of the Special Edition on Norman records now! Which could have cheaper postage for different areas: https://www.normanrecords.com/invite/W3HK0E Use the above link and you'll get me a sweet, sweet £5 voucher if you press 'start shopping'
  7. it would be neat to hear a version without the wood block otherwise good job
  8. Permanent Daylight! Permanent Daylight Vs. Hunting Bears.
  9. Jeez I guess Where I End and you Begin Where I End And You Begin Vs. Cuttooth
  10. Climbing Up The Walls Climbing Up The Walls Vs. Ful Stop.
  11. Idioteque Idioteque Vs. Everything In Its Right Place.
  12. subterranean homesick alien Subterranean Homesick Alien Vs. Life in a Glasshouse
  13. yodda


    No Decks Dark this time around maybe?
  14. yodda


    oh shit Let Down
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