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  1. I wanna go to one of these dates so badly
  2. Guys you need the ID of the person who bought the ticket to get in (to the London shows anyway), so you can't trade tickets.
  3. Thanks! I'm never sure if I've mixed things right to be honest, sometimes I can't trust my ears, which is why its always good to have a second opinion. The drums are mixed quite high, I'm not sure if that's jarring? Maybe
  4. I wanted to contribute to this thread so I did a cover of Where I End And You Begin: http://toxicbadger.bandcamp.com/track/where-i-end-and-you-begin
  5. I agree that it's the way the albums are put together, sorry misunderstanding I guess.
  6. I'm sorry, but I see this theory all the time and I'm gonna have to go ahead and call bullshit on it. Albums like Kid A and Amnesiac flow very well and the songs complement each other, and yes, they do work well as whole albums. But there is no way in hell that that was the bands first consideration when they were making the albums. Thom Yorke did not sit down and go "Well, I really like this "Idioteque" song, now I need to write a song that will complement it!" What happened is the band went into the studio, create a bunch of songs that maybe had some musical and lyrical themes in common and THEN deicided on how they would be sequenced and which songs would work well together.
  7. Great song, but it always kind of felt like Radiohead by numbers to me. Still good though. Pyramid Song is their most emotional song for me. Also, as far as the GTS vs JFIP argument is concerned, GTS may be more interesting, but I think JFIP is a better song. It has more energy, and just feels more exciting to me. All three songs are kind of second tier Radiohead, imo. Which is still pretty great.
  8. They sound very dense but also (for the most part) pretty clear as well, they have the best of both worlds. They also sound just as great out both headphones and speakers, and the same can really be said for, say, TKOL (which sounds pretty awesome through headphones but sounds really flat through speakers, well, through my speakers anyway).
  9. Kid A and Amnesiac have the best production, imo. In Rainbows has pretty great production too, but really, in terms of production, most of their albums don't sound that different compared to some artists.
  10. Maybe Talking Heads? Depends on my mood really, but it's certainly close.
  11. Amnesiac and In Rainbows have the best b-sides. No contest. And I hate to be pedantic, but TKOL didn't actually have any b-sides.
  12. I'm from the Uk and can confirm that life in the UK is indeed basically one big roast.
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