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  1. "I float down the Liffey" is a reference to James Joyce's Dubliners.
  2. 5/21/97, the day Ok Computer came out. "Immerse your soul in love" or "Here I'm allowed everythign all of the time" or "Gather up the lost and sold" or "the panic the vomit god loves his children" Pyramid Song In Rainbows The break in Reckoner or the intro to EIRP or the climactic buildup in Lucky or the transition to Morning Bell (Kid A version)
  3. Agreed, Kraftwerk's influence was HUGE...and they're still touring. Kicking myself for not getting tickets in LA, but they're WAY sold out.
  4. OKC changed the entire face of alternative music, and they did it again with Kid A. I can't think of a more boundary pushing band that was commercially successful since the Beatles.
  5. The Beatles career spanned 10 years, from 1960 to 1970, and they didn't release a proper album until 1963. Radiohead formed in 1985, Pablo Honey's release was 1993, and TKOL was 2011. They've been making music together for nearly 30 years.
  6. I'm very much looking forward to hearing what Arcade Fire does with the Reflektor material live. It could be balls-to-the-wall over the top amazing. Hoping the Coachella headliner rumors are true, it'll make the weekend. I graduated from high school before most of you were born, and am glad that some of you occasionally find me amusing.
  7. I spent Christmas Day listening to traditional Christmas music, like Kid A, Amnesiac and Amok.
  8. Early 2015, and they will headline Coachella. Or so I hope.
  9. Hey, it gives me an excuse to sit down and actually listen to OKC and IR. That alone is worth it.
  10. For the longest time I had a cassette of OK Computer that was missing The Tourist, and didn't even realize it existed. When I actually played the disk, I was surprised, and not all that enthralled.
  11. There was a lot of good lyrics from the first album, I think The Crystal Ship was genius. I don't really HATE any Radiohead, but I'm not all that fond of The National Anthem or Morning Bell (Amnesiac...KId A version is one of my faves).
  12. The last tour was pretty much a perfect mix of old and new, and the TKOL material was beyond awesome live. The shows I saw were three of a perfect pair. Even the spectacular Idioteque train wreck in Sydney that closed the show. I'll think they'll keep a good bit of it on rotation, but it all depends on LP9. I think they've all kinda moved on a bit with soundtrack and solo work from TKOL. Whatever it is, I'll be there for as many shows as I can get to, unless I really just can't get into LP9, and even then, I'd just cut short the intercontinental travel.
  13. The 'sleepy' stuff on TKOL is hugely powerful. It's like someone who speaks really quietly, and forces you to listen. GUTG is one of the best Radiohead tunes, bar none. For wonderful flowing ambient spaciness, I love Supercollider, which I include with the album, as I do with pretty much all of the "b sides," as the album itself is so short. TKOL is, again, one of those records that really needs to be experienced live, like The Eraser and Amok.
  14. Pyramid Song Reckoner Eiirp Supercollider Give Up the Ghost Myxomotasis Lucky LSP Morning Bell (Amnesiac version) Idioteque
  15. I though the show was pretty spectacular. I saw it at the Hollywood Bowl last week. Fortunately we were just behind the boxes to the right just under a video screen, and I did not sit down the entire set, nor did most of our section. Mostly I danced with my eyes half closed, it was more of an impression than anything else. I saw AFP at Coachella in 2010, just off the rail, so I knew how different and more engaging the tunes were than the studio versions, and AMOK was even more so. Plus it was Flea's birthday. I ran into him at a museum a few weeks ago, but that's a whole 'nother st
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