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  1. so i bought tickets to see phantom thread with a live orchestra and in some article about that the author casually mentioned jonny being too busy to work on that show becsuse he is reportedly working on a new radiohead album idk about the integrity of someone doing that level of journalism but shrugging enoticon
  2. yo i really need a ticket for 8/8. any seat idgaf. i was able to get a ticket but my gf was nto and she is heartbroken and i am tryin to fix this. idk email me? jeremy@berkeley.edu my pm box is full and real talk it's too overwhelming to deal with erasing some lol OG's understand
  3. ok its grown on me a bit also this is bread
  4. idk man you might be overthinkin it lol he prob has some knobs turned up on that amp just go head n try it out
  5. im not gonna comment on the mastering cause uh yeah
  6. yeah 16 was all they gave me. i wonder who decided 24 bit had a 4 dollar premium AND didnt include thag in the fuckin 90 dollar special price? come on
  7. everyone is talking about how tlw hits hard but i think it missed me if i dont come to love it i think i will cry i feel like i did when i played twilight princess and (spoilers) they didnt give you the twilight mirror as a shield
  8. let's be real i spent this whole record with my jaw on the floor thinking things like "ok really theyve clinched it from the beatles now right?" etc and also TLW happened but i actually am not sure how i am feeling about it
  9. i played it thru my (home) studio monitors
  10. lol he's just got a cheap pickup slapped in the hole goin straight into that amp behind him the man doesnt own a single pedal
  11. will it be lp10 or lpX????? my money's on oh god shut up
  12. ok so i cant figure out how to make space in my inbox lol fuck
  13. so for whatever reason, with the special edition, the digital format they include is 16 bit wav, but y'all who bought digital got 24 bit. idk why i'm gettin shafted on the bitsies when i jsut dropped like $87 or whatever soooo can anybody hook a dude up with the 24 bit wavs? pm me i understand this may be deleted but my intentions are good.. just one legal purchaser asking for the help of another legal purchaser......
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