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  1. fuck i cnt wait to hear recordings of this
  2. maybe the next album is a bunch more loops for the robotfolk
  3. glad u like it thomas it givs me tingles
  4. separator took awhile for me to come around but goddamn thats a beautiful song thomas youll see the light
  5. its pretty much the most intense album in their catalog for me i listened to amnesiac before i listened to kid a, and i ll be honest, i was a bit underwhelmed by kid a, especially after hearing that they were from the same sessions i was expecting more
  6. amnesiacs tracks are like all the personalities u were in your past life, all the times u bettered yourself and decided you werent going to be that old person anymore, then u forgot them itseems disjointed but still all strung together its randomly realistic, yet dreamy and murky
  7. it pisses me off u never told me where the weeds at now im drunk an pissd

  8. http://mortigitempo.com/really_bored/index.php?/topic/108970-tkol-from-the-basement-dvd-with-supercollider-bonus-track/
  9. the vocals anyway have nothing against ftb besides the vocals
  10. nowadays i listen to good vibrations while crying in the arms of 50 yr old hookers, i usually let them use the ipod dock

  11. nothing really goes with the first half of tkol its where bluebirds fly
  12. when i was your age i would put on nirvana unplugged and put my hair in front of my eyes and noone could see that i was crying while i drank alone

  13. laughing lion


    its smelly in here now
  14. oh and amnesiac>kid a>the king of limbs>hail to the thief>ok computer>in rainbows>the bends>pablo honey
  15. laughing lion


    colinbass will give me heart murmurs
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