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  1. rofl! amnesiac is pretty much my joint fav
  2. noooooo *gets under the coffee table*
  3. this seems to real to a dream someone pinch me or something
  4. i just woke up and i am severely confused
  5. one of my alias' havent been approved yet and i made it about 3 weeks ago i made another one recently and it got approved though
  6. i cant be bothered to get the sleeve from my room, but im pretty sure its "now that i don't think of you"
  7. i think you don't know or maybe you do
  8. hahaha maybe im getting more and more paranoid by the day
  9. really? hmm i thought robin was the only one thanks for the heads up anne! (that dance smiley is because im watching saturday night fever)
  10. I'm a retard does that count as a habit?
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