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  1. I'm thinking that the songs starting with #8849 are old On a Friday demos, they just seem out of place for any Radiohead album. Although it would be cool to see those titles in LP9 too.
  2. I'd be kinda interested to see how that turns out but the version from the film is just so good that I'm hoping the studio version, if there will even be one, is more along those lines. Still, AFP big boots is better than no big boots. The record seems less AFP-esque anyway if they're adding Identikit, Ful Stop, Cut a Hole and Skirting. Not to mention a goddamn Radiohead Jamming Session. Looks like more of a rock-oriented list to me.
  3. http://thekingoflimbspart2.com/2013/02/24/radiohead-songs-registered-publishing-company/ Registered song list: Some really interesting song titles in there...a revival of BIG BOOTS? Double LP looking more likely now
  4. The title track actually sounds amazing when the initial vocals are looped over the lyrics...one of my favourites i think
  5. the acoustic guitar bits are my favourite, and yeah I agree, much more Radiohead-like than the others
  6. Come on, it's the Daily Mail. They compared Radiohead's live performance to Cheryl Cole's. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/reviews/article-2217966/Radiohead-need-help--Cheryl.html Wouldn't care about anything they post regarding Radiohead after that. But yeah, this borders on hilariously pathetic
  7. Here ya go: PS: Myxo was dedicated to Mittens?
  8. The user removed it off youtube, anyone got any other links apart from the 3 hour radio show?
  9. Wasnt this discussed earlier with a different tracklist? I clearly remember seeing a list with 12 songs awhile back
  10. no prob I wouldnt leave it out but I could see why a 'music journalist' would to attract attention for ignoring their most popular song to 'be different' but end up being like every other 'music journalist' just finished watching it, man warhol's cinematography gave me such a headache. funny ending
  11. slightly unrelated: did anyone else here know about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtQp60e-v3M&feature=related just found it, gonna watch now, sounds interesting
  12. yeah this article was clearly bait, another pretty weird one was top 10 vu songs: http://stereogum.com...ses/listomania/ no heroin, fine, but sunday morning, venus in furs, all tomorrow's parties, european son cant be left out then again maybe they have too many great songs, i dunno, but for me vu and nico takes up at least 4 slots
  13. "I kept adding jazz flute. Paul (Thomas Anderson) kept sending me pictures of Ron Burgundy." how awesome is that
  14. Coachella identikit for sure I think the first version of Ful Stop is amazing, or the UK/latest one (not sure when they played it this tour but apparently it was awesome) EDIT: heard manchester and definitely that one, they made it more psychedelic and the ending was perfect
  15. A lot of my friends hate them but I don't really care because its kinda justified given the stuff they listen to. I introduced a couple of friends inadvertently to them (they walked in on me listening and were interested). My dad likes them, mom doesn't like most western music in general lol. My younger brother's only heard Talk Show Host (from romeo+juliet), No Surprises (House) and Nice Dream (HIMYM, surprisingly) and thought they were nice but didn't want to go further into the band. I don't try to change any of their tastes either though. You seem pretty affected by people hating them, but I can't understand why you find the need to 'defend' them. Different people like different things, the harder you try to convince someone to like something they don't, the less they'll like it
  16. Dont know whether he got his lady or not, but he did get Aaron Paul http://hypervocal.com/news/2012/radiohead-aaron-paul/
  17. Quality isnt too good but: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radiohead-o2-arena-london#utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=12247864&utm_medium=social
  18. Anyone find a live stream for this yet? Setlist until now: 1. Lotus Flower 2. 15 Step 3. Bloom 4. Kid A 5. The Daily Mail 6. Myxomatosis 7. Climbing Up The Walls 8. Separator 9. These Are My Twisted Words 10. Like Spinning Plates
  19. Oh yeah, I remember that being on the original setlist or something. Weird.
  20. Although I love the studio arrangement of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, this one is hypnotic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUzmhztxWdc
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