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  1. I remember when the track list first leaked everyone was like "this has to be fake, they're in alphabetical order!"
  2. I still think it's funny that the songs are alphabetical
  3. it's good but I don't think I like it as much as everyone else seems to. I think present tense and the numbers are better
  4. lol I remember when they first released the staircase ftb online and phil introduced it by saying "no, you're not seeing double"
  5. I'm kinda with you, it's not one of my favorites either. I prefer staircase. daily mail is just...boring?
  6. they did on the 2012 tour, if I'm not mistaken not at the show I was at, though
  7. I've always loved meeting in the aisle, I really don't know why because there's really nothing special about it, but for some reason it's one of my favorite b-sides
  8. can't believe you guys haven't gotten your CD's yet....mine came on like the 29th
  9. def climbing up the walls/no surprises also optimistic/in limbo
  10. well I hope ya'll are right. on topic, this remaster sounds soooo good. Airbag about blew me away when I first listened to it.
  11. I do too, I'm sad that they won't be around much longer.
  12. "I am up in the clouds" is my favorite part of that song
  13. my cds came in the mail today and they sound awesome, especially the bsides
  14. I listened to okc this weekend for the first time in a while and let me tell you, airbag is a fucking awesome song and I'm so glad I got to hear it live.
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