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    medical records
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    How to Disappear Completely
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    The Beatles, Depeche Mode, U2, Arcade Fire, Fiona Apple, Butterfly Boucher, Nickel Creek, The National, Sleigh Bells, Grizzly Bear, Lana Del Rey

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  1. Bluebelle


  2. can't believe I remembered my password
  3. Bluebelle


    bump party woo, come join us in mt slack! send me your email address if you wanna, I'll send you an invite!
  4. I left my phone at work last night, luckily I wasn't far away when I realized it
  5. I used to have that soundtrack on cassette back in high school and I would fall asleep to it all the time
  6. I remember when the track list first leaked everyone was like "this has to be fake, they're in alphabetical order!"
  7. I've always liked pop, and I love that version of gone
  8. I still think it's funny that the songs are alphabetical
  9. it's good but I don't think I like it as much as everyone else seems to. I think present tense and the numbers are better
  10. I could use help too, thinking of going to Ulta this weekend and visiting the brow bar
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