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  1. Spectre Last year we were asked to write a tune for the Bond movie Spectre.Yes we were. It didn't work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you. May 4 is often known as "Star Wars Day". It is jokingly said: "May the 4th be with you", in reference to the popular phrase in Star Wars: "May the Force be with you."
  2. i did this to ingenue from jonathon ross. https://soundcloud.com/six5-1/ingenu-in-e-six5-rework
  3. mp3 link is here: https://soundcloud.com/paddymorgan/atoms-for-peace-s-a-d
  4. youandmyarmy


    i thought i'd start a new topic in case people missed it in the AFP thread.. my record store stocked the JJE single early so i picked up a copy and posted a (poor quality) rip of S.A.D up here
  5. it does, and it's a great track. i'll post a rip of it very soon however the quality isn't very good.. better than nothing i suppose. here's a link to a picture of the cover.. nice and pink. tumblr_miwvn0m95L1qhw13zo1_1280.jpg
  6. I'm not exactly sure when the official release for the judge jury and executioner single was.. I thought it was about march 20, but I just picked it up at my record store. Does anyone else have it/heard s.a.d studio version yet?
  7. the line "you don't get away" repeated in stuck together pieces is quite possibly one of the best/most beautiful things ive heard since i heard reckoner for the first time. i don't hesitate to say that the album is perfect for me.
  8. i also forgot to mention - i'm sorry it's taken a couple of days to process and remember all the details - but Ed said he was going to live in Brazil for a year next year, seems as though they'll be taking a bit of a break, largely to work on solo projects but we already knew that. At least now we know what Ed's doing
  9. i am not at all, i'm sorry i got the setlist signed last night was too good to be true, i couldnt process it all at once, i remembered that when i got into bed. it all happened so quickly
  10. also, he said they're still working on The Present Tense, sorry i didn't say it last night, i was beyond belief that it had just happened, still am.
  11. this was my post about it on tumblr: ‘context’ they came out the back after their sydney show tonight where we were all waiting, after rumour that a couple of people had had the chance to meet Thom last night but that was all. after about an hour of waiting they came out to the vans and we called them over, Thom lead them and they walked over and signed most things people held through the fence, for me it was the setlist of tonight’s show which was spectacular in itself - five songs from Kid A. they were all so nice and chatty, Thom was looking forward to going home and Phil said he’s recording his new album in January. Jonny, as shy as he is, hardly said a word and was the first to run away, whilst Colin was the last to come out. Ed showed us his new tattoo and refused to reveal any detail about the recording at Jack White’s studio earlier this year. Colin seemed to be in a rush, but he was able to sign my setlist. It was as unreal as it sounds. One of the best nights of my life, without a doubt.
  12. i met the band tonight and asked Ed what they recorded and when it was coming out, he nodded towards identikit but revealed no details. it's still 'not finished'.
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