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  1. here's an idea i just came up with: just like fb has promoted posts, we should have promoted threads. and instead of $6, it should be like a dime or something. i would pay at least a whole buck to promote cab's ggreen east coast tour thread HYPE HYPE HYPE
  2. is ihggy-GP savin up all his posts for the big day??
  3. korg

    this board

    attn attn: http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/114243-how-come-no-one-is-posting/?p=4566274
  4. korg

    send me a new track for round 2

    1. mooks




      download the track song of desperation

  5. heylo sorry it completely slipped my noggin to contact you that night i said i would about doing a show in philly! we're trying to do something in june or july, can you get us da hook up? appreciate (: here's a lil demo: http://sounds-park.com/bigd/



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  9. i'm envisioning so many possibilities for a mt caste system 2.0
  10. in order to differentiate thread tags and the proposed designations for posters, can we call the latter "labels?"
  11. i am def liking the new aesthetics. one thing, on the mobile version, is it possible to move the share on facebook button slightly more away from the reply button?
  12. i don't like it either rose i think separator's great though i'm a terrible person regardless though
  13. so bringing this line of thinking to logical fruition: which republican presidential candidate do you think most likely posts on mortigitempo.com? i think it's ron paul, don't you remember the "radiohead and ron paul fans" thread or whatever it was called? just like the OM threads of people advertising their own bands, except a presidential candidate.
  14. can we actually split it into s&r and have health topics fall in the purview of gc? weird that under the current rules a healthy eating thread would be in a different forum than a recipes thread, and that said healthy eating thread would be next to the masturbation thread.
  15. bring back upvoting merge all the media forums and make a subforum in media for user submitted stuff i also support pop-up chatzone (separate off-topic and radiohead) expand notification functionality, poster mentions
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