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  1. @gurbe: The only ones I found (on the SNCF/TGV website) started around eight in the morning, so I wouldn't be in Amsterdam until eleven or so. Which is a bit late if you need to queue. (The concerts in question are Paris: July 6 and Amsterdam: July 7. It would be great if it was possible to travel directly after the gig, but it seems there aren't any trains during the night. @falafel: Normal gig times - I expect they'll usually finish by midnight/a little after midnight? (Don't have that much concert experience yet.) And some of the gigs are on consecutive days, hence the hurry in getting from Paris to Amsterdam and from Rome to Milan). - That website looks very useful! Will check it out. As for travelling to other continents: yeah, I'm pretty much prepared to spend most of my life in Europe (though parts of Asia are pretty accessible by train, too). I'm prepared to fly once or twice in my life, to really far-away places, maybe - but it's not a high priority. I don't really believe travelling to another continent for just a week or two is very much use anyway - if I ever do a long trip like that, it'll have to be for a few months or so, I think. (In which case I may actually look into alternatives to flying - you can travel by freight ship, for example, it just takes a while.)
  2. Thanks for the hitchhiking website tip. And sorry, I should have specified this is about Atoms for Peace, not Radiohead. As for flying, I don't fly (for environmental reasons) - even if I did, though, with the distances between Paris and Amsterdam and Rome and Milan it probably wouldn't really solve my problem as it would take just as long (if you include check-in times and so on). These trips only take three hours by train.
  3. This is kind of a long shot, especially considering I rarely post here, but I guess it can't hurt: I'm kinda sorta planning to do Paris/Amsterdam and/or Rome/Milan (all depending on work possibly intruding), and it seems to be a bit difficult to get from Paris to Amsterdam and from Rome to Milan in time for queueing. Rome/Milan is *kind of* doable (you can get to Milan by nine a.m., which is late, but not impossibly late), but Paris/Amsterdam is downright impossible (earliest arrival time in Amsterdam is around noon). So, I'm wondering if 1) anyone here has any ideas on faster/earlier alternatives for these trips. The options mentioned above are all rail travel. I've also checked coach travel options and those just seems to take way too long. I know there's some website for car sharing/organised hitchhiking in Germany - does anyone happen to know if something like that exists for France and/or Italy? And, 2) maybe someone from here is also planning to attend these gig combinations? Any groups I could join, maybe?
  4. Hmpf

    Serious drums

    I logged in just because that last bit made me grin so much.
  5. A list of RH songs in standard tuning would be useful, too. There are far too many songs that require alternative tunings, and I don't feel quite ready for that yet! Also, what are your opinions on this tab of A Reminder? http://www.azchords.com/r/radiohead-tabs-3178/areminder-tabs-33670.html It sounds weird to me, but then, I may be doing it wrong. (The lyrics are way, way off the mark, that much's for sure!)
  6. Timely thread. I was about to post a similar question. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. This whole incident amuses me rather more than it probably should.
  8. Hmpf

    dallas show

    Yeah, and also "this one has some nice banter", and "this has an awesome Colin Greenwood moment", and "this version sounds awesome in a slightly different way than that version", and "wait, did they change the lighting for this one since Miami? I think they did!" ... etc. I may have to buy an additional hard drive before this tour is over...
  9. Hmpf

    dallas show

    Can I just add to this thread that I'm finding it *very difficult* to *not* download ten different youtube versions of every song played so far on this tour, because the tour is just so awesome? (And visually interesting on top of the obvious musical qualities!) Seriously... you need at least three version for every song: 1.) The "best sound" version, 2.) the "best close-up view" version, and 3.) the "best overall view of the stage setup" version. It's haaaaaaard! I can't download everything, my hard drive isn't big enough!
  10. Nothing wrong with lingering in an area if you happen to like that area. Art isn't about novelty for novelty's sake; sometimes reworking something you've done before can be just as valid as going someplace entirely new. Sometimes you get the general direction right on the first try, but aren't done saying everything quite the way you intended yet, so you try again. Sometimes there's more than one thing that you want to say/do in a particular area, too. Etc. I think Cut a Hole is gorgeous and I'd be perfectly happy if it remained more or less as it is. (And it doesn't feel quite as much as a retread to me as, say, The Daily Mail.) Then again, I like lots of different versions for some songs, so it's entirely possible I'll like later, different versions of Cut a Hole just as much as this one, or even more. (Whoah, I feel as if I'm on thin ice here, knowing as little about music as I do. I probably shouldn't say anything; if I come here again in five years, when I've actually learned something, I'll probably feel very embarrassed...)
  11. I don't mind the harsh transition from the first part of Identikit to the second at all - and I *love* the transition from the second part to the synth part, that's definitely my "eargasm" moment with this song. (Granted, I'm a completely uneducated idiot when it comes to music, so maybe my understanding simply isn't refined enough here. Also, I like some dodgy eighties rock, of which this unaccountably reminds me, so maybe I just have really bad taste... ) Would you say there's been a change to the synth section of the song since the first performance, btw? It sounds different to me now, but I'm not entirely sure if it's to do with sound quality (perhaps certain frequencies getting "swallowed" by the particular venues or the equipment used for recording) or if it's an actual change.
  12. I realised it was stupid to buy this ticket almost immediately after buying it - the gig's in the middle of the week, and I bought it when I thought I'd still have a job in June, and thus certainly wouldn't be able to travel in the middle of the week. Now, ironically, it's highly uncertain I'll still have a job in June, but it's *still* probably impossible for me to attend the concert, though now it's for health reasons... Anyway. So I contacted ticketone's customer service a few times, to ask about reselling/transferring the ticket, but I never got a real reply to my actual question, just standard replies to questions I hadn't actually asked, or unhelpful, too general negative replies that didn't really give me any hint as to what to do. Picking my way through one of their FAQ's with google translate (if I remember correctly) I found something that sounded like I'd need a power of attorney to even be able to transfer my ticket to anyone. This seems... excessive. Is there anybody here who knows how to sell/transfer a ticket bought on ticketone.it? Clearly, I need some help with this. Preferably before the Cologne tickets go on sale, because if it was possible to sell my Udine ticket, I could invest the freed-up money in a Cologne one. ETA: Never mind about that power of attorney bit. I have no idea where I found that at the time, and haven't been able to find anything like it today, so I'll just assume I misunderstood something there (easy enough, with google translate!) There does seem to be an official ticket exchange on the site. That *should* mean that it's possible to transfer ticket ownership, right? ETA2: Actually, no, there isn't an official ticket exchange on the site. I misunderstood something again, it seems. Arrgh.
  13. Hmpf

    Frustration Thread

    Thanks. You are awesome, you know that? Seriously considering this (although it's on a Monday, so if I still - or again - have a job in October this may make it impossible). If I can sell my Udine ticket... hmmm.
  14. I've basically dropped out of RH-related fan activity (aside from lurking) due to extreme RL trouble (which may make me miss the tour despite my securing three tickets, arrgh), but I just have to delurk for a moment to say: I LOVE IDENTIKIT WITH ALL MY HEART. Ed O'Brien singing along with/around Thom Yorke. The way the song builds; all the different elements coming in one by one. The guitar. Everything. AHHHHHHHHH!!! I've listened to it all day.
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