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  1. Would anyone else agree that this kind of outshines the original? Turns out Jonny can do Thom solo better than Thom
  2. If anyone's interested, a guy at the record shop I work at found a bootleg RH tape the other day with this on, it's a really early (Pre-Bends era) version of Big Boots. It's a bit murky, but you can definitely make it out. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related hope you enjoy!
  3. RE feral webcast. in april. spooky.
  4. for all those who wish to voice their disapproval, comments! http://tinyurl.com/4yho6z4
  5. you can't see them doing it?! two drummers, crazy blippity bleep effects and shit? hell, ripe for a 14-15 minute jam.
  6. nobody else think they sound a bit.. pissed off with the fans in the email? that 'SO' sounds rather sarcastic.
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