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    How could one choose such a thing?

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  1. It's been FOREVER since i posted here. I moved onto atease years back. Just thought I'd say helllloooo!
  2. Me - AMOK https://mega.co.nz/#!rJAlWIpD!Gt7o6vwGOeDiqNndu7XXOz6BqhSUHuseEWUNqmq6dtQ
  3. https://mega.co.nz/#!rJAlWIpD!Gt7o6vwGOeDiqNndu7XXOz6BqhSUHuseEWUNqmq6dtQ
  4. My point is he is back in action, and right after the tour is over. Could he be a member of the band?
  5. Mews is back in action and 'liked' my Amok photo from the Kid A booklet that I posted on his wall. I haven't been on this forum in awhile, so for those of you who don't know, Amok is the title of the new AFP album set to drop on Feb 18, 2013.
  6. Did ya listen to it? He says that at the end over and over, but this part he says something very different.
  7. when isolated from some of the other vocals, it sounds like he's saying something very different than I thought. http://soundcloud.com/litv/iso-sep
  8. (Chicago) Monday, October 8 — 12:00am 191 - WTTW HD Radiohead Radiohead perform songs from its 2011 "The King of Limbs" album in the Season 38 premiere. duration: 60 min details: [HD] | [cc] [stereo] [ed taping rights: 1 year] genre: Parents Picks edit- genre: Parents picks? what?
  9. So, that picture of the new light colors and configuration of the monitors.. Anyone else pretty sure that's got to be Come to Your Senses?
  10. “Default” 12″ Tracklist: A. Default B1: What The Eyeballs Did B2. Default (Instrumental Edit) source: http://consequenceof...ult-12- single/
  11. What the Eyeballs Did is released on Nov 19 and a b-side to the single Default http://consequenceof...ault-12- single/
  12. I clicked Nigel Godrich's name from the writers list and got this:
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