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    my band here: soundcloud.com/voyeurs
    my radiohad covers here: www.youtube.com/loobs90
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    How To Disappear Completely
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    Kid A

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  1. Pablo Honey F- Blow Out LF - Lurgee The Bends F - Planet Telex LF - Sulk OK Computer F - Climbing Up The Walls LF - Fitter Happier Kid A F - Everything In Its Right Place LF - Treefingers Amnesiac F - Pyramid Song LF- Morning Bell/Amneisac Hail To The Thief F - There There LF - We Suck Young Blood In Rainbows F - Weird Fishes LF - Faust Arp TKOL F- Bloom LF - Feral
  2. 'an album full of noises'.. .... ... .. . . . anyway, basically you're wrong. it's probably the most beautiful, perfect album closer of all time. if you honestly can't see what those 'noises' are adding to the song conceptually then you're completely missing one of the fundamentals of Kid A as an album and sequence.
  3. i might be wrong is surprisingly high... motion picture soundtrack is upsettingly low. i wanted a wolf at the door to be far higher. these are my views.
  4. Used to love U2, and I still highly rate several of their albums - love Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, Zooropa etc, but claiming that How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb can stand up to In Rainbows is just absolutely ridiculous. I know taste is subjective and all that, but that album is just fucking foul, except for a couple of stand out tracks. sometimes you can't make it on your own is a decent song. don't get me wrong, when it first came out, i was a huge u2 fan, but as the years have passed i've realised just how bad that album is compared to others in their discography. yeah some songs on all that you can't believe behind are decent as pieces of songwriting, but again as an album it's not that tight. late u2 simply lost their way - they're still good songwriters but they're just not that musically ambitious or exciting anymore, and the lyrics are often terrible these days
  5. Probably the worst thing I've ever read on this message board. And that's saying something.
  6. both nights, can't wait. hopes = kid a/a wolf at the door/identikit. dreams = lift/the present tense
  7. lol that street spirit riff is guitar for beginners. harder stuff includes songs like jigsaw falling into place, gagging order, reckoner (played properly). tbh most of his guitar parts aren't that difficult though
  8. dude you just put banana co above bloom
  9. This is my 2012 list. It's changed quite a bit from last year.. 1. Motion Picture Soundtrack 2. Bloom 3. Reckoner 4. Everything In Its Right Place 5. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 6. How To Disappear Completely 7. There There 8. Idioteque 9. Climbing Up The Walls 10. Nude 11. Pyramid Song 12. A Wolf At The Door 13. Airbag 14. Lotus Flower 15. Kid A 16. Let Down 17. Videotape 18. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box 19. Bodysnatchers 20. Give Up The Ghost 21. The National Anthem 22. Lift 23. Separator 24. Myxomatosis 25. Paranoid Android 26. 15 Step 27. The Tourist 28. Morning Bell 29. 2+2=5 30. Dollars And Cents 31. These Are My Twisted Words 32. Codex 33. Like Spinning Plates 34. Subterranean Homesick Alien 35. Little By Little 36. Staircase 37. Optimistic 38. Where I End and You Begin 39. Exit Music (For A Film) 40. Morning Mr Magpie 41. Talk Show Host 42. No Surprises 43. All I Need 44. Sit Down Stand Up 45. Karma Police 46. House Of Cards 47. I Might Be Wrong 48. In Limbo 49. Paperbag Writer 50. The Butcher
  10. hullo, ya would like to see some botb 2011'ers return : ) if you have time: http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/110778-battle-of-the-bands-2012/

  11. did a cover of this the other day, lemme know what you guys think
  12. yes. and it doesn't matter that thom can't sing the breadth of his range because thom's vocal tone and style are so far and beyond this guy's in quality that it's a joke. actually feel incredibly awkward for you about how much of a lead balloon this thread is. either that or you're trolling, in which case you must be having a good laugh.
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