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  1. Third time seeing radiohead, and it was amazing as always. The first encore was incredible, with 4 songs from OKC, and the first time I've heard let down and exit music! Finally got to hear pyramid song live too. Feral was insane. Daydreaming is better live, in my opinion. Such a good show, the only song I didn't like was bloom, but I've never been a fan of that one. Cant wait to see them again
  2. Got up and went to the local shop as soon as they opened! Got the white vinyl :-)
  3. anyone else feel like desert island disk has a mother nature's son feel to it? I also think Ful Stop sounds a little like the intro to In the Light by led zepplin. And i get a huge Elliott Smith Coast to Coast vibe from the Numbers I also re-visited TKOL after listening to AMSP a few times, and if anything, its made me realize how weak that record was to me. Only Codex and Separator would hold up with the current crop of songs. Its amazing that a band can produce a record of this quality after so many years.
  4. back here for the first time since TKOL. First impressions are that its a strong record, without a high point. identekit is awful though, and i feel the sequencing of the songs is weak. OKC, Kid A and In Rainbows are strong because the whole order of songs were executed perfectly. This one feels slapped together. Maybe they care less about the details, and just rush product out, but theres something about moon shaped's flow that doesnt sit well with me
  5. Pop is dead Jigsaw falling into place(headcams) Creep
  6. Kinetic should have won this. I've been voting for this for a while so why stop now The amazing sounds of orgy
  7. I can do jonny greenwood guitar and effects well.
  8. Gagging order? Thought this one would be a top 5 for sure... Amazing sounds of orgy These are my twisted words Last flowers
  9. Yes! This is on in Canada?? This night got much better!
  10. Bloom The daily mail Lotus flower Staircase 15 step online.
  11. The amazing sounds of orgy Last flowers These are my twisted words This election has personally been the hardest for me. Also I've been re-visiting these songs, and it just affirms that Radiohead are the greatest band going.
  12. The amazing sounds of orgy Transatlantic drawl Last flowers
  13. Harry patch I am citizen insane Trans-Atlantic drawl
  14. Mk1 Mk2 Harry patch Kinetic for the win here, I hope
  15. Pearly* Generic ok-filler. Was rooting for a reminder to go far, and it has.
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