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  1. I'm anything but juvenile, he's a bullshitter. Nevertheless, I was being entirely sarcastic
  2. http://thenjunderground.com/blog/2012/2/13/2012-bonnaroo-lineup-leak.html If this is true, I'm getting tickets ASAP to make up for a missed experience With Prince!?!? Gimmie
  3. if it truly does turn out to be edge just using #tkol and #radiohead and messages like "a year later" or w/e to promote his own work, i say we all troll the shit out of his account with messages about how he's a hack
  4. nah it's not thom, that guys hairline is too perfect, thom's receded long ago
  5. 2 new albums before they start their tour. they are conveniently starting the tour right after feb. 18? Coincidence? I don't think so
  6. there's no evidence to suggest that there won't be an album (if we're going by ancient aliens logic)
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