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  1. All I Need I think is a good one, that line "I'm an animal trapped in your hot car" is fucking killer. How much better could you describe the feeling of loving someone who doesn't love you back than with that one line??
  2. Just copious amounts of crack so I can stay up all night listening to more Radiohead
  3. Cool that Colin mentions Full Stop! It has to come soon!
  4. This time last year, they didn't even wan't to tour but they change their minds pretty frequently it seems. Thank God
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t92wfA9o2Tw awesome
  6. Killer Cars: Don't fall asleep at the wheel
  7. Great setlist so far tonight
  8. Did they pull out the steel drum for PLSIACTB?
  9. The live versions brought new life to the songs for me and the newer songs have me dancing around the room like an idiot...
  10. True Love Waits: I'm an animal trapped in your hot car
  11. So he said that Radiohead should have been singing about God, but he hates christian music cause he says it's terrible...
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