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  1. This is my favourite performance of Videotape, check it out if you haven't: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo7hE3BR_vU It's beautiful. And I love Thom and Jonny's shared laugh at the end! As for version, I went for studio. As much as I love Ed's guitar part etc, the minimal version just gets me everytime. One of my all time favourite Radiohead tracks.
  2. Holy shit. I knew there were going to be some surprises but I never thought for a million years they'd think about pulling out Treefingers. If this setlist is legit, I'm pretty fucking speechless! Although if they're thinking of playing it, can they not replace it with another ambient one, like Worrywort? Please Radiohead? That'd probably be a lot more exciting cause there's room for percussion.
  3. 1. Bloom 2. 15 Step 3. Airbag 4. Little By Little Ok where can we find another stream?
  4. wow this stream is awful
  5. stream works! where is everyone is it just me?
  6. Anytime now according to @radioheadlive!
  7. 1. Bloom 2. Little By Little 3. Weird Fishes 4. Nude 5. Daily Mail 6. Kid A 7. Videotape 8. Lotus Flower 9. Identikit 10. Staircase 11. A Wolf At The Door 12. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy 13. No Surprises 14. There There 15. Planet Telex 16. How To Disappear Completely 17. Reckoner Encore 1 18. Give Up the Ghost 19. Separator 20. You and Whose Army? 21. 2+2=5 Encore 2 22. Present Tense (Full Stop?) 23. Just 24. Exit Music
  8. Weird Fishes, Reckoner or Videotape. Man this is hard.
  9. Yeah Present Tense is going to be their greatest song I know it! I'm pretty fond of Open the Floodgates as well, if you listen to the rough soundcheck on CitizenInsane it's very rhythm driven, would fit in well with new ones. Unless they change it drastically...
  10. Hmm yeah I'm not sure. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'd love them to end with The Tourist, that would be pretty special. And the more new songs the better, I really like what what I've been hearing so far. Really hoping for Present Tense to just appear from nowhere!
  11. Cool! I love Go To Sleep. Was pretty gutted that they never played it when it was on the setlist for Miami I think. Hope they play this new tune Full Stop as well. Yeah where is everyone?
  12. They're working on LP9 right now! They're re-shaping and re-working Identikit and Cut a Hole as the tour progresses, hopefully 2 songs that will be on LP9 cause they're incredible!
  13. haha. Yeah I've been listening, I really like what Clive is adding to TKOL and the new tracks. With even more emphasis on percussion this album will be absolutely insane! In the best way possible. And I'm with you on the HTTT writing process thing. I think that's whats happening with Cut a Hole, a work in progress, so they can re-work and and re-think parts that maybe didn't go as they'd expect. It would be really cool to see it blossom and become this monster of a track later in the tour. Same with Identikit. I think Identikit seems to be pretty polished already though.
  14. I hope not where's Open the Floodgates, Skirting and Wake Me!
  15. Why not? Once I heard TDM, I'd always thought of it as a great opening track, with the quiet start and amazing build up and then Bloom comes on and you're away. I was allowed to use the singles for my mass TKOL no?
  16. Encore 1 done then give up the ghost karma street spirit blah blah. Hope I'm wrong though
  17. And its Separator not Seperater mannnn
  18. getting predictible now. give us skirting!
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