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  1. Nice to see bat thom back. New MT is kind of strange, but I think I'll like it once I get used to it...

  2. Nice. I wish I had a park nearby.

  3. That does feel rather nice to do. I've been eating alright and walking a lot myself- there's a huge really beautiful park right near my place that I like to visit.

  4. Pretty good, actually. Been going to the gym. I quit smoking and am attempting to get super healthy and such.

  5. Pretty well, and how 'bout you?

  6. currently dancing along to Nude and drawing, I thought MT should know.

  7. why aren't we friends on here, seriously dude

  8. I was directed here from that post you made about getting to know MT. It really depends, I guess, but I met -jer here and he's pretty swell so it isn't all terrible. I'm never on here anymore but I'm bored and starved for interaction so if you'd ever like to talk feel free to message me your email or aim or something.

  9. I have successfully made cookies.

  10. There were other demands like the "get banks out of government, hold banks accountable" that was the general 'theme' of the occupy movement, and we did a lot of marches in solidarity with other movements but the only concrete demand we had for city hall was the end of the curfew law.

  11. You only demanded a change to curfew laws and that was it?

  12. What do you mean they take issue with it?

  13. We know that the US isn't a democracy, and that it is a republic. People take issue with this. And I believe only Occupy Wall Street issued demands, whereas we didn't demand anything in Philly until we decided to demand the end of the curfew laws that essentially target poor minority kids.

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