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  1. In the first part where thOm is talking about how everyone becomes disingenuous and 'covers their tracks' and all that, and that's what being an adult is like "and then you have kids, and that's it" That's kind of the moment where I am right now. Being out in 'the real world' and trying to hold fast to my moral standards and trying not to be a fucking hypocrite like everyone else, and looking around me and everyone's doing it. Everyone- and those who aren't are shunned, or living on the fringes of society. That's where I am right now. I just came to a new city, and today I start training for my job- probably the most genuine job I could have, as a face-to-face fundraiser for nonprofits. Here's hoping that goes well, and I don't get sucked into the hypocrisy and shit that 'adulthood' has become. I think thOm has escaped that, and I hope to as well. Meeting People is Easy always leaves me with this sense of heartbreak, but at the same time a very stubborn will to go on. They didn't give up, and look where they are now? They got through it. We can all get through it. Life doesn't have to be 'Fitter, Happier'
  2. my friend nikki made that drawing! her art is amazing and she loves radiohead so you should all check her out at it-girl-rag-doll.tumblr.com
  3. I had a moment with separator one morning like, the sun was rising over the mountain (glorified hill) behind my apartment and it was misty and I was just sitting here with the windows open looking out at the trees it got to me in ways that are hard to explain through words I haven't had a moment like that with Separator since, but I think it was a perfect balance of sleep deprivation, visual stimulation, and the correct mood it was amazing
  4. I just read all of the replies that came in today and wow yeah, it's always great to hear from other fans what their RH experiences- alone, at concerts, meeting them- have been like. I've heard so many accounts of concerts (My husband wouldn't let me go to one RH concert because I was really pregnant and he said I wouldn't be able to get out if I went into labor- I met this woman on the line for The Universal Sigh in NYC, the baby who stopped her from going to the concert in a stroller, now a toddler, and another one on the way) , what it's like to meet various members (The first time I met Thom I had him sign a copy of the "Everyone Can Play Guitar" single cassette I had, for the funsies, and he just looked at it like he didn't know what it could even be until I told him I was just doing it as a joke, and we laughed together- a girl I met online)... It's amazing to hear beyond that just how songs and reading about the members and the band can affect people. It's all so crazy.
  5. why would I ever think that people who I have never met or even interacted with know who I am that's not the point
  6. I'm just going to pop in and say initially when I read about the email (before I got my own, a few days after they started being sent out) I read it as really heavy sarcasm and felt like shit, although I have been more than happy with tkol, tus, and s/tb- and really looking forward to the newspaper album I took the email as a huge slap in the face to everyone who had been complaining about things, upset that there wasn't more, angry that the band didn't say anything- etc. I still think it's disgraceful and all-together stupid that people are acting like that. Get your head around it people, what has been done so far is amazing, more than amazing, be grateful for what you're given.
  7. I giggle every time I look at that quote. I wanted to list my favorites but I can't find my book right now and I can't remember the names of them (however, I know exactly where they are in the book, of course) because I have a terrible memory for things like that I'll look for it more later and get back to you on it
  8. Morningwood... why does that bandname sound really familiar? really nice cover though, +1
  9. I have that volume of slowly downward too! thoms quote in it is hilarious. What are some of your favorite short stories from it?
  10. o__o I am having strange thoughts involving a threesome with Jonny Ed and Ed's wife because of that lemon shaker comment thats not okay I swear I only read cheesecake because it makes me laugh
  11. went home, smoked a j, caressed your tambourine
  12. Oh hai Ed glad to see you're back
  13. since people never seem to be able to find all of them, here's all of them in one place
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