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  1. I'm reminded somewhat of the visuals from their live show while they played Ful Stop. Also, The Ziggurat?
  2. Hell yeah dude, that's legit. I was pretty close to the stage at Sect. 101. Was awesome to have that setlist for the first time hitting up an RH show! Favorites from last night? Full Stop was pretty amazing, loved the Gloaming as well. Glad they still played Identikit, was starting to get anxious toward the end if they would play it or not...
  3. The Chicago show was epic as hell to say the least
  4. I'll be in Sect. 101, this concert will be sickkk
  5. Getting to See Radiohead in Chicago Sunday. So Stoked. [media=] [/media]
  6. I'm a fan of the Story of a Mime, is that lino print-ish?
  7. I do a little gallery work, I'm more graphic design oriented in school, but I generally wish to be an artist for a living. But yeah, send me some ideas of what you have in mind, could help you out a bit.
  8. The Devil's In the Details 9" x 12" in. 12" x 15" in. Paper Lino Print Edition of 20 in White, Tan, and Grey. Thanatos and the Olive Branch 9" x 12" in. 12" x 15" in. Paper 3-Color Woodcut Print Edition of 7.
  9. Anyone who votes for Santorum, Newt, or Romney need their heads examined.
  10. Oh man, if they started playing How to Disappear Completely in their shows pretty soon I would shit bricks.
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