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  1. I've heard Just compared to Smells Like Teen Spirit before.
  2. I often find the best way to get someone to listen to my opinion is to ridicule their point of view To be honest, if people don't like Radiohead its their loss. Stick Kid A on and feel sorry for them.
  3. I havnt seen a thread like this before. But in fairness, I'm only here cos Atease is down. I dont give a shit how many times you cunts make this exact same thread.
  4. It might be better for them to end it before they get crap....maybe make another album in ten years or something
  5. I thought Hail to the Thief might be there last, but obviously not....maybe LP7 will be their last. Maybe they'll only stop when one of them dies or when Thom quits. What do you think?
  6. I remember seeing a picture of the band, and Thom was holding up a sign that said "If we smile, can we go?" Anyway I was looking for it, and now I cant find it. I've tried google and I've been through the Green Plastic records, so can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  7. 1. The Tourist 2. Exit music 3. Paranoid Android 4. No Surprises 5. Lucky 6. Climbing up the walls 7. Karma Police 8. Fitter Happier 9. Electioneering 10. Let Down 11. Airbag 12. Subterraian Homesick Alien
  8. Yeah I think thats cool though. The band never seem to get pissy about fuck-ups....witht he exception of that Pyramid Song YSI, but that was the sound guys fault. I mean compare it to some other bands...Weezers Rivers Cuomo sued their guitarist $5000 for being out of tune onstage.
  9. On the Chris Moyles show, they played Pyramid Song when it first came out. Chris was on a diet and said maybe he should go on a Radiohead free diet! HAR HAR HAR! Boy that FAT CUNT sure is funny.
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