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    Making music, wandering around trying to find music in ordinary things, pretty much anything that has anything to do with music.
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    Changes all the time...
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    changes between OKC, IR, and Kid A depending on my mood.
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    The White Stripes, Wilco, The Beatles,Bob Dylan, John Fahey, Leo Kottke, The Arctic Monkeys, The Dead Weather, Billie Holiday, Modest Mouse, Laura Marling, A hell of a lot of other bands...

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  1. 404 not found... :'( Thanks for making the effort though. Would it be amiss to ask for a PM from some kind soul? EDIT: Nevermind, found a soundcloud link! Digging the guitar...
  2. Come To Your Senses was my first thought for a song collab... Then Big Boots, with Jack doing a crazy solo at the end and singing with Thom.
  3. .... What if that person had totally forgotten what day it was?
  4. Tasty tasty ham... Can't wait for Dallas to be upped.
  5. That would be the only album I'd ever consider preordering... Well, that and Jack White's new album...
  6. Good lord, they're really pulling out all the stops this tour, aren't they?
  7. See? It was so unmemorable I didn't even remember what show it was on!
  8. Yeah, I know... I loved it at the time... I think it was the Jimmy Kimmel performance that turned me off...
  9. Give Up The Ghost... I'm getting really tired of this song...
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